VCMI mailing list?

Do you guys have some faster than this forum developer communication tool? It really takes days to discuss something here.

Ther is one indeed. Last update: 21.03.2010

The fastest waa is of course to contact one of developers itself. I can’t recommend anything better, as if no one wants to read the posts, it’s irrelevant if they are placed on forum, mailing list or somewhere else.

What is your issue, exaclty?

Short answer: none

Long answer:
If you need urgent answer try sending PM to one of devs. Right now this is the fastest way to contact somebody.

There was mailing list long time ago but it is unused for at least several years.
There were some propositions to set up IRC channel. But I don’t think that it became popular.

My personal opinion:
So far forum speed was acceptable - we don’t have a lot of discussions that require urgency. Some RSS feed would be nice to have but I’d rather avoid mailing lists. For quick questions IRC is more suitable and for bigger discussions forums have better organization.