VCMI Logging

OK first, Tow Dragon pointed me to . In the end it was just about adding a line, but it walked me through a large part of the project so I got a general idea of how it works.

I am attaching the diff here as well and I am available for more bugs fixing. If anyone could assign me some I will get busy with them asap.

Second I could not get logging from lib or server projects and neither VCMI_Client_log.txt nor VCMI_Server_log.txt work on MacOS X. (possibly Linux ? i tested that on Visual Studio and windows and there the logs files showed up).

Does anybody have similar experience with this ?


Edit: fixed the link
bug_0000098.diff.gz (267 Bytes)

Client and server logs should be present in $HOME/.vcmi along with saves.

Check any of these: - similar to #98, probably one-liner too - multiple minor issues with quests - some work with random generation

And of course you can either check our bugtracker yourself or just run VCMI and look for any unreported issues \ not implemented features.

you have a dot (.) behind your link which breaks it.

I realize I said I will get to work asap but it is clear now I was overly enthusiastic about the whole thing :).

I had to take care of some of my stuff first and afterwards I started to read thoroughly “Accelerated C++” in order to get a grasp of the C++ language.

Once I finish this book, probably at the end of the week, I will get back to these bugs and the status window.

Good luck Cipone! Things are always easier when you are motivated :wink: