VCMI 1.4.4 - alt-tab issue

I just updated to VCMI 1.4.4 and I don’t understand why it makes my computer buggy when I alt+tab out of the game window.

I usually launch game → alt+tab to check the console logs. Since I updated my 1.4.2 to 1.4.4, I cannot do anything when I alt-tab out of the game window.

Everything is buggy, I can’t select things with my mouse, can’t interact with the console, can’t type text, etc. It’s like it forces me to interact with the game window.

I uninstalled and reinstalled and the issue is the same. I only have the issue with VCMI 1.4.4. Below is my log in case you need it.

VCMI_Client_log.txt (1,7 Mo)

I reverted back to 1.4.2 and it fix the issue. It seems its proper to new releases.