VCMI 1.1.0 released!

New version with a lot of features just been released.
Congratulations to everyone on team!


* iOS is supported
* Mods and their versions and serialized into save files. Game checks mod compatibility before loading
* Logs are stored in system default logs directory
* LUA/ERM libs are not compiled by default
* FFMpeg dependency is optional now
* Conan package manager is supported for MacOS and iOS

* Map is passed over network, so different platforms are compatible with each other
* Server self-killing is more robust
* Unlock in-game console while opponent's turn
* Host can control game session by using console commands
* Control over player is transferred to AI if client escaped the game
* Reconnection mode for crashed client processes
* Playing online is available using proxy server

* Fix for digging while opponent's turn
* Supported right click for quick recruit window
* Fixed problem with quests are requiring identical artefacts
* Bulk move and swap artifacts
* Pause & resume for towns and terrains music themes
* Feature to assemble/disassemble artefacts in backpack
* Clickable status bar to send messages
* Heroes no longer have chance to receive forbidden skill on leveling up
* Fixed visibility of newly recruited heroes near town 
* Fixed missing artifact slot in Artifact Merchant window

* Fix healing/regeneration behaviour and effect
* Fix crashes related to auto battle
* Implemented ray projectiles for shooters
* Introduced default tower shooter icons
* Towers destroyed during battle will no longer be listed as casualties

* BattleAI: Target prioritizing is now based on damage difference instead of health difference
* Nullkiller AI can retreat and surrender
* Nullkiller AI doesn't visit allied dwellings anymore
* Fixed a few freezes in Nullkiller AI

* Speedup generation of random maps
* Necromancy cannot be learned in Witch Hut on random maps

* Supported rewardable objects customization
* Battleground obstacles are extendable now with VLC mechanism
* Introduced "compatibility" section into mods settings
* Fixed bonus system for custom advmap spells
* Supported customisable town entrance placement
* Fixed validation of mods with new adventure map objects

* Fixed problem with duplicated mods in the list
* Launcher shows compatible mods only
* Uninstall button was moved to the left of layout
* Unsupported resolutions are not shown
* Lobby for online gameplay is implemented

* Basic version of Qt-based map editor

how to download new mods from github?

Probably just as anything else from Github. They’re here: VCMI Community Mods · GitHub

What is android version need?

Części wszystkim! mam problem polega on na tym że aplikacja mi nie działa za każdym razem kiedy klikam start VCMI to mnie wywala. Da się na to zaradzić?

Do poprawnego działania aplikacji są niezbędne pliki z oryginalnej gry.

Da się to gdzieś pobrać czy trzeba skopiować?

Da się to gdzieś pobrać czy trzeba skopiować?

Tu jest wszystko opisane (po angielsku) Installation on Windows - VCMI Project Wiki

Hey I cannot make to work HoTA on Android.
I downloaded it from github website put to correct folder and nothing. When I try to download it from app it doesn’t work too.
Any ideas? WoG and ToW both are working without any issues.

I’ve experienced some problems with hota mod download, but closing and restarting vcmi mod manager helped.

I tried that. Even fill reset, uninstall and install as fresh only with HOTA and still cannot play it.
I will stick with wog or tow for now.

Or try to connect your phone to PC and copy HotA mod from Mods directory to corresponding android folder. Mod should be enabled automatically at start.

I did even this and it is just not working :frowning:

But still this is awesome that I can have HoMM 3 on my phone and even HoMM 2 right now. That’s kind of like a small dream :slight_smile:

Please, do one more try - delete manually hota submod - hota balance.

Tried again and still nothing.

Hi, I have problem. VCMI 1.1.0 doesn’t work (older too) on my samsung galaxy note 9. I got android 10, original Heroes 3 (from steam). Everything I did like on youtube video. When I try run game the aplication closes. What I did wrong or what is goin on? :slight_smile: Please help me :slight_smile:

What if download from here? VCMI Project Builds