VCMI 1.1.0 released!

No, problem is in steam version (it’s only base RoE, without expansions).

and it has HD models that VCMI doesn’t support yet

Hello. Thank you very much for the development. :+1:
I have been trying out modding and after the update to 1.1 the creature specializations are not providing bonuses anymore.
Regarding suggestions. I think for testing and later multiplayer it would be good to include faster combat speed, as is in hota - that makes the game much more enjoyable for players.
Also, I hope that implementation of templates will happen at some point, too. This would make multiplayer much more viable. :slightly_smiling_face:


  • creature specializations should be fixed in 1.2
  • faster movement speeds for battle and adventure map are also in 1.2

What do you mean by implementation of templates by the way?

Oh, thats great. :+1: I mean map templates as are in hota, of course. So people could play jebus cross or such.

You mean this?

It’s a VCMI 1.2 screenshot.

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