VCMI 095c development version

Finally it’s more-or-less working. Huge changes were made in adventure map objects. They need testing as well as random map generator.

Improved launcher with submod support is available as well.

Check new modding possibilities and format changes.

Download VCMI 0.95c


0.95 ->
* (linux) now VCMI follows XDG specifications. See

* Optimized speed and removed various bottlenecks.

* Heroes auto-level primary and secondary skill levels according to experience

* Wall hit/miss sound will be played when using catapult during siege

* New configuration format:

* Towns from mods can be used
* Reading connections, terrains, towns and mines from template
* Zone placement
* Zone borders and connections, fractalized paths inside zones
* Guard generation
* Treasue piles generation (so far only few removable objects)

* Support for submods - mod may have their own "submods" located in <modname>/Mods directory
* Mods may provide their own changelogs and screenshots that will be visible in Launcher
* Mods can now add new (offensive, buffs, debuffs) spells and change existing
* Mods can use custom mage guild background pictures and videos for taverns, setting of resources daily income for buildings

* Added configuring of heroes quantity per player allowed in game

Please report any bugs on Mantis bugtracker.

Many thanks to everyone who contributed to this build, we are getting strong!

strange, I take campfire, and the crash
VCMI_Server_log.txt (218 KB)
VCMI_Client_log.txt (241 KB)

can’t load save

I’ll check this. Meanwhile can you check all objects mentioned in this list? They may also have some issues. … dable.json

I found what may cause crash on visiting campfire - should be fixed. Same goes to saves.

faeri ring, learning stone, idol fortune, temple, fontan of youth, fontan fortunes, oasis, rally flag, cover of darkness, warrious tomb
if build ship -> crash
if add dragon fly flive impossible start map.

maybe I missed something

Strange - for me crash happens only cover of darkness (also on dragon fly hive, but that one is already fixed). The only fix I made so far was for campfire. And it will only have effect on objects that are removed after visit.

Everything else looks to be OK, as well as harbor (at least adventure map harbor on Arrogance).

Can somebody else confirm this?

I checked all objects described in ‘rewardable.json’ and potentially bugged seem to be:

  • those which crash - campfire, flotsam, sea chest, shipwreck survivor;
  • those which freeze - learning stone
    Some of rewardable objects also don’t properly behave when they are visiting second time, eg. arena, tree of knowledge, school of war, school of magic, idol of fortune, temple.
    I’m also uploading a map to make the tests easier :wink:
    rewardable - testowanie.h3m (7.96 KB)

Thanks for testing. All of these should be fixed now.

Okay, will roll out another dev build soon :slight_smile:

Looked at it yesterday.
Mods now are reporting errors on hero’s map appearances and town dwellings and capitol/castle/village map appearance.
Will dig more.

But i think it’s regression than instead of

"animation" {"battle": {"male":..., "female":...}, "map": {"male":..., "female":...} } 

hero’s animation is made to

"animation" {"battle": {"male":..., "female":...} }
  1. We loose possibility to make female/male map animations. So if we want to make female hero, we will be forced to make copy of hero class and give him right gender animation. So “battle” section looses sence.
  2. Hero’s animations must be standard, so it’s better to return hero setup to what it was, and convert map animation file to map object automatically.

There is a need to have Cove faction as example of how to make map dwellings and city map appearance work. I didn’t yet managed to do this looking to VCMI configs for standard factions.

  1. Nope. See my test mod, link in modding changelog.

Cove - yup. Will upload new version soon. Although you can use standard towns as reference - they also have these changes in dwellings and town appearance.

Looked for this mod.
There are only town appearances now, i see no example of creature dwellings for map. Is this not implemented now for mods? Standard dwellings go with id and no defs paths in standard config.

About 1). Now i see filtering by name of heroes. Not by gender. It’s all right to give it some time and make filters for heroes by their name.
What if several modes define several new heroes for one class (like additional knights for castle or like Tarnum mode)? Then there will be need to use dependencies to make mods load in some order. And it’s a lot of additional work on configs.
I still think that leaving old “map” {“female”…“male” …} format is more good idea. This gender filtering can be made by VCMI engine and not by modders. VCMI has all information and modders don’t.
I see no reason to make it complex. To make heroes occupating more than 1 hex?

Hero ID check is something I made in ~5 mins. I’m more interested in extending such checks to more than just hero ID. For example to gender. But that’s will be for 0.97 and will depend on received feedback.

All map objects have standard way to define map appearance: list of templates. For H3 objects VCMI will try to import this data from Objects.txt so H3 dwellings have no def’s assigned to them in our configs.

So all you need for dwellings is to define templates:

"name" : "Dwelling",
"creatures" :  ... ]]
"templates" : {
    "normal" : { ... }