VCMI 0.98 released


VCMI is in official debian repository, but it’s only for sid / stretch:


I run stable though.


Then sadly not much we can do, but you likely can install or re-build package for stable from Ubuntu PPA or something.

Still keep in mind that if you actually want to play I strongly recommend to use latest development build. Since VCMI is not yet feature complete stable builds is more like a way to show that some important features implemented while in general they a lot less playable due to bugs or missing features that already fixed in git.

PS: Eventually I want to have portable builds with Steam runtime, but at moment it’s just a plan.


No worries man, you guys rock I will patiently wait, and I still have a windows partition anyway (I do appreciate a lot the linux support though). :slight_smile:


Hi, I have some questions about VCMI

  1. i have download firstly Heroes 3 Complete, later ERA 2.4 and i extract VCMI 0.98 to the folder with game ( so with ERA too ). Therefore why I cant run VCMI through ERA? I was adding another mods also and i can’t make these mods Enable in the Mod Manager of ERA. I could run these mods only with VCMI_Client. Why? Can i do something with it ?:slight_smile:

  2. Are there enable mods like Bastion Town or Miscellaneous? I tried to download them from this page and i encountered dead links and errors.

  3. Is there any option to switch off some new upgrades like informator on a battle field which tell us who will move next etc.?

Sorry for mistakes that i may made. I’m not an English ;):slight_smile:



VCMI and ERA are completely different platforms and should be installed in different folders.


Thanks. What about question 3 ?:slight_smile:

And I am wondering if you are still working above this project or if it is closed?


This project isnt dead. There will most likely be a 1.x version, and maybe… Just maybe a version 2.


showQueue option or just Q in battle.

We can always adopt google versioning and soon we’ll be at version 14 or something. :mrgreen:


Thanks for help. :slight_smile:

It’s nice to hear it :slight_smile:

I have one more set of questions:

Where can i get the mod which adds a third upgrades tfor elves ( to Sharpshooters ) ? Is it a part of bigger mod which adds third upgrades of each creature in every town? And what mods are you using to VCMI 0.98?

Finally i have problem with Wogification Options. Button “Wog Options” is “unclickable”. I can’t also set the settings of automatic battle in a battle field. How to fix it??


It’s just bitmap from original WoG and it’s unlikely that options like these will be ever implemented. More likely that we’ll eventually have more options in launcher.

Not implemented yet.


Even options like making Sylvan Centaurs in Rampart from Centaur Captains and Grand Elves are not possible?


VCMI is open source engine so anything is possible. What I mean is that it’s unlikely that WoG options menu will ever be implemented simply because we don’t have any limitations on what can be changed and in some cases it’s better to rework UI entirely instead of copying solutions from old H3 “mods”.

Reason why button bitmap present at all it’s because VCMI just load WoG art assets over H3 include that button image.


Ok. So how can I for example make possible making Sylvan Centaurs in VCMI 0.98? And is there any option to change statistics of creetures ( for example enlarge amount of Hit Points ). If it is possibe, how can I do it?


Check hero config for Gelu. Or if you want to make it in town then you’ll need to modify town building behaviour, but then you’ll need to add them as creatures somewhere.

Though I have no idea if WoG feature to mix multiple creatures into one is implemented anywhere, but I think it’s not.

Check modding guidelines:

HotA adoption is good example of modding features usage.


In which folder can i find script with all creatures? If I want to add new creature i must only add the part of code to this script? And have you some ideas how to modify the code to make possible creating A Sylvan Centaurs from Grand Elves and Centaur Captains? Or even add options like: experience for units or resurrecting First Aid Tents?
Is it possible or we must wait on new versions. And is there a chance that there will be available to choose playing with or without these conveniences in newer versions?

I found also an interesting fragment of code on your link:

"centaur", "captainCentaur"],
"elf", "grandElf", "sharpshooter"],

It is code which allows recruit sharpshooters in Rampart? It’s only what I have to do ?:slight_smile: Just slightly modify this part ?


All creatures listed in config/creatures/.

Check WoG mod content, creatures.json.

Something like that could only be coded in C++ at moment. Eventually we’ll have scripting support.

Stack experience and few other are implemented in VCMI, but I never tested it.

Resurrecting can be added as creature ability. E.g check archangels config and copy it to first aid tent.

Towns and creatures you have depend on what mods you have active. Long time ago VCMI required WoG assets to work, but it’s optional for long time.


We have modding guidelines on Wiki:

These question belong to this thread: [


Thanks a lot. :slight_smile:


Where in VCMI 0.98 can i change the action od seconadary skills? I want for example, Armorer which adds 10/20/30 % ( Basic lvl / Advanced lvl / Expert lvl ). Which script is regulating this?