VCMI 0.98 released

We’re happy to give you new version VCMI 0.98.

Previous release 0.97 was not very satisfactory, it has a number of issues with AI as well as crashbugs. Luckily now all these problems are solved and you can play new VCMI 0.98 with no problems.

Finally all the spells in game are supported. New additions include missing adventure spells and Earthquake.
An important new feature is World View option. You will also notice nice fading effect on picked treasures and adventure map transitions.
Pathfinder and AI are allowed to use Monoliths to teleport between different parts of map. This should substantailly improve your game experience.

RMG got significant improvements to balance and look. Most prominent feature is presence of rock tunnels in the underground level.

Savegame format has changed since 0.97, but you still will be able to load games from 0.97c.

Fixed bugs are listed here:

Download VCMI 0.98


We recommend you first make a copy of clean Heroes Complete / Shadow of Death folder. Extract VCMI zip package there.
WoG is not needed. All recommended mods and files can be downloaded via Launcher included in the package.


Many thanks to all developers who contributed to this build, especially new joiner ArseniyShestakov aka. SXX.

Thank you for your work.

I just played some Campaign and then suddenly it crashed. Long Live the Queen. First quest. Day 4, Week 2. One hero was on the sea, and one was just about to take a gem mine. Hmm. Strange

You guys are my heroes! Good work is being done here!

My nickname is little bit different, but thanks anyway. :wink:

What will happen after 0.99 ? 1.0 release or 0.100 ? :slight_smile:

The progress is really nice BTW. Also it is always nice to see new developers join the project :slight_smile:

I am following development of the project with much interest. Glad to see most of the original functionality is there. Can’t wait to see what you add after 1.0. What I’d personally like to see is RMG making better sea-maps with larger islands (the original ones always sucked), more than 8 players and option to use the original H3 icons (I can’t stand the old ones, they just don’t fit here). That, WoG and HotA… Could be really fun :slight_smile:

PS. In the wiki you have the following passage: “although it doesn’t follow its initiative mechanism”
Don’t you guys mean “initial”? :wink:

Is the mod list 100% updated to 0.98 yet?

All mods from 0.97 should be compatible with 0.98.

How convert save game from 0.97 to 0.98 version?

I have error:

Error: Failed to process SAVES/G1_3: Error: too old file format

Save games of diff. versions are not compatible.
Restore 0.97d to play it to end.

I can’t, because game crush on 0.97 version.
I wait new version that fix it.
But i must play again from the beginning :frowning:
And i can’t check bug in new version.

That’s good news :mrgreen:

Wow, amazing. Does this mean that in 1.00 this will be like original heroes 3?

Nobody never said that. So please stop asking.

Warmonger how far from being like original heroes 3 is vcmi?

improvement and revision RDM
improvement and revision AI and fix all bugs AI
revision Multiplayer
revision Spels
revision Campaigns

Fix all bugs. Especially those related to the stability of

A lot of things

I cannot find vcmi .98 on android, Google play store only has .97 When will .98 be out on the Google play store? Or is there a way I can operate the .98 software on my galaxys5?

Indeed, Android version is maintained by xyz who didn’t show around in a while. Will PM him.

First of all many thanks to the Dev Team well done!

What i would like to know is when you plan to implement Commander Artifacts, or rather when can we actually use them, because right now they disappear when i drag them unto the commander icon, which is sad as it renders the commander completely useless.

And another thing, my game crash’es every now and then. is there any reason to that? it simply closes down no warning or anything.

Again thanks for your work!