VCMI 0.97 released


Hello community
how to start multiplayer server using this command?

vcmiclient --loadserver --loadnumplayers 2 --loadhumanplayerindices 0 --loadhumanplayerindices 1 --loadplayer 0

should i somehow specify saved file?[/code]


To start new miltiplayer game no need to specify any command line arguments, there options are temporary solution for loading multiplayer game (you start game with these arguments and load game as if it was singleplayer).


thanks for reply, I know that it’s possible to play multiplayer in vcmi,but i want to host something like dedicated server(it was mentioned in TO-DO list),so i supposed that command --loadserver allow host multiplayer server in console mode,but i think i was wrong…


Is there still no way to return modSettings.json/settings.json from windows user’s directory to config directory of installation directory?


That is great addition. Maybe at least in Vcmi maps with underground will be played more often. Original rmg makes very bad underground hard to navigate and with less things then normal land zones.

thumbs up for this great idea :slight_smile:

I also noticed vcmi random generator doesn’t misplace guards as the original did. That is also great :slight_smile: maybe it should be also advertised as a feature.


This is not addition, I just don’t know how to place rock tiles correctly :stuck_out_tongue: This should be eventually fixed.

However, the point is to keep same shape of obstacles, just improve visuals.


haha … I guess one man bug is another person feature :wink:
It would be cool however if RMG in Vcmi would work a bit differently for underground .

I’ll post about it in RMG topic though, as news is probably not the best place for this. :slight_smile:


Hey :slight_smile:

How to install a working vcmi? I mean i installed a fresh heroes 3 then unpacked vcmi, run launcher, install wog,hota and only hota working and its all in russian. So basicly my question is how to make wog work? and if possible in english.


Disable Russian translation - it’s one of WoG submods.


Yes i got it now in english but wog options still not working.

Here’s a screen:

WoG options can’t be clicked and console shows that wog is skipped.


There are no WoG options in VCMI - this is just a bitmap.


ohh… i thouhgt it’s both hota and wog in one. Then what’s the point of using wog if there’s no wog options?


WoG creatures, heroes, commanders and stack experience to name a few.


Hey :slight_smile:
I have another questions, is there any possibilities to play Hota map on Wog? Almost 2 times bigger map in wog sounds great :slight_smile:
In vcmi wog options are set by default or can be set manually?


Once again. Mods like HotA and WoG work by patching original H3 SoD executable and this is reason why they’re not compatible with each other.

VCMI engine have nothing to do with original H3 executable, but it’s support same formats and feature set (and some of WoG features). There is built-in mod support in VCMI, but no support for alteration of map sizes because UI is not moddable. Though both our RMG (random map generator) and engine can support maps of any size and form-factor, but somebody still have to implement UI that going to expose it to player.

Also you can already install as many towns as you want and VCMI will handle them all just fine. If you use latest development build then random map generator will also use map objects, heroes and creatures from mods you installed.

As @Warmonger said there no such thing as “wog options” in VCMI. The reason is because VCMI adoption of that mod don’t use anything from original WoG except art assets. This is as well true for HotA adoption.

WoG features that are supported by the engine are always enabled when mod is active. Some of features like stack experience can be also enabled without WoG.