VCMI 0.95b

Here it is!

New version is available. Changes include improved AI speed, as requested by many, ability to add new spells (although not finished) and several improvements to config by our new contributor, Macron1.


* (linux) now VCMI follows XDG specifications. See

* New configuration format:

* Support for submods - mod may have their own "submods" located in <modname>/Mods directory
* Mods may provide their own changelogs and screenshots that will be visible in Launcher
* Mods can now add new (offensive, buffs, debuffs) spells and change existing
* Mods can use custom mage guild background pictures and videos for taverns, setting of resources daily income for buildings

* Added configuring of heroes quantity per player allowed in game

Please report if the package is ok.

Package is ok and fully functional. Thanks for the newest dev build :wink:
Edit: Package is ok, but I think I’ve found a glitch within. The Launcher does not seems to work (it even doesn’t executes itself), so I would like to hear any reply if this is a bug only on my side.
Yet again thanks :wink:

If you install it on old VCMI version it crashes after intro.
If you install it on clean WoG both client and launcher want “msvcr110.dll” and “msvcp110.dll” which can be found in old VCMI package. After copy pasting them to new install it seems to work fine.

Yes, I know what you mean, but I still think it’s not the same problem. On my side VCMI runs without errors, but Launcher, as I said, it doesn’t executes itself, it’s just saying it’s not a valid Win32 application and by this I think it’s a 32 / 64 bit operating system issue (correct me if I’m wrong here ;).

AI still is moving way too long.

@Edit: Or maybe it’s just happening on map “Adventures of Jared Haret”

I have 64 windows. Have problem:

start client

start launcher

Povelitel, the error for client you get is the same that I was getting before I took that file (msvcp110.dll) from older version of VCMI.

Povelitel, I have exactly the same problem with Launcher and I guess it’s not related in any way to similar problem with missing msvcr110.dll and msvcp110.dll, because I have both files in my directory.

Silly_Warlock, now work. tnx

Kantor, I took its file in version 0,94 and now work good

if fix this would be perfect

OLD PAIN Which is very time consuming

Warmonger, You try to optimize it?

Launcher also works good? Hmm, then I’m doing something wrong…
So You’re saying that copying msvcr110.dll and msvcp110.dll from older version solves problem for Launcher also?

oh sry, i wrong understand

In this build a lot of this when the game just closes without any warning
closed.rar (1.97 MB)

how to install it? seems more than just extract all files to directory

All packages should work by just extracting to your H3 folder.

Okay, but I don’t have these files in my folder either and the game still works? :confused:

well i have it , no changes with AI turn still long,very long or permanent

Warmonger, can You tell if there is anything that can be done for Launcher, because, for now, I don’t see any solution on how to bring it back to work?

Is there any place to download nightly (or minor releases, like 0.95b) deb builds?

We have automated builds for Ubuntu on launchpad here:

As for Debian I only package releases - building a package is trivial but takes time.