VCMI 0.94f -- development version (r3771)

next development build is ready:

The issues with AI after loading game should be fixed.

At the moment I don’t have plans to release 0.94g. The 0.95 release is scheduled on March 1st.

List of resolved issues:

PS. Anyone willing to update the changelog file?

i’d like to help something ,but form now on,i only can watch
not a programer
not good at english

only a funs~

I’m sure must be fixed this bug!
(He did not give play. I deliberately did not do doubles, but a lot of them!)

And 1720 too

Add #1719 to the list…
That’s last know crash in campaigns - everything else can be completed at least with vcmisilmaril.

Below is list of all “interesting” entries from commit log. Can somebody reorganize it in categories and add some “generic” entries like campaign support?

And small organization proposition - maybe it will be simpler for all developers to keep changelog up-to-date? So whenever somebody commits any significant changes he must also update changelog?

I was going to upload my part of changelog when I find time :wink:

Still, the most imortant and fundamental part of AI is not listed there, while some others became outdated as I improved logic :stuck_out_tongue:

I find it very strange. Too much time is spent on the same action.

*I ask you to pay special attention to it, because the length of turn increased х10 times, to the eye.
strangenes.rar (267 KB)

Added my part to changelog.

Sounds good! So changelog should be updated for any significant changes which affect players and also developers. We could separate developer related changes when grouping them to ENGINE. So if there is any new function to use, features added to the build process, changes like introduction of ID objects,… could be added to the changelog with a optional link to the wiki descriping that change in a more detail.

@Ivan: Can we enable PCH for CMake by default now? It seems to be that it doesn’t cause any problems.

The thing is, most engine changes are totally irrelevant for users.

Also, you should not include the bugfixes that are reported on Mantis.

What about listing all changes in changelog (file) but remove all internal changes in release announcement to make it player-friendly?

Or we can just keep it simple and keep changelog without any internal changes - I think all devs know all such changes anyway.

I think yes.

Yes, I’ll remove internal changes and bugfixes reported on mantis. Forget about the fact that we provide a link to mantis changes in main post.

You’re right, we’re a small team and if there is anything to tell we can use the forum.

look somebody 1726
Tow, you fixed this bug before (1487, 1488), but he reappeared


I’ll look into this before the release.