VCMI 0.94b - development version (r3706)

a new development build is finally available:

Download link:

The main development focuses were:

  • Beegee was working on campaigns and implemented ehro crossover
  • Warmonger worked on AI efficiency (both in terms of gameplay ability and turn time)
  • Ivan reworked several areas: victory/loss conditions (now customizable through json),

Plus numerous minor improvements and fixes.
Please correct me or add anything significant that I forget about.
Please check the if the package itself is valid.


  • AI doesn’t store its state in a savegame. Save&load will reset it. It will make more difficult to debug bugs but may allow working around some issues.
  • I have observed crashes when extracting this package over old VCMI installation. Deleting old Mods and config subfodlers did solve the issue. [Still, we should provide some better diagnostics at least.]
  • I have compiled VCMI using Visual Studio 2013. I have recompiled most of the libraries with VS 2013 as well.
  • MS Build hates Qt, Qt hates Windows, everyone hates me. Still, I managed to compile Qt and Launcher.

… and working hero crossover + victory conditions means that all but two H3 campaigns should be working (Armageddon’s Blade and Unholy Alliance are blocked by Mantis #1643)

What was the cause of that? AFAIK any old files in config folder should be ignored and all mods from 0.94 should still work.

There is a small chance that this is caused by change of modSettings.json format. I thought that I handled such situation.

dont work (

Pure installation - unpack VCMI in folder - vcmi client - not found zib1.dll … a17078.png

if you run over an old (0,94-0,94b) - trouble SDL_mixer.dll

I have the same problem.

  1. wrong “zlib” in pack already reported
  2. game cant start if conflicting mod is installed (but of course disabled) conflict is still reported.

Test map - single scenario works.

Thanks for the prompt feedback.
I have updated the package (under the same link) to contain proper version of given libraries.

(Well, now it has two copies of zlib but saving 64kB is not worth effort ATM.)

Oh, it’s time to check my town migration script:-)

Will try to migrate on these saturday/sunday. Will write if some bugs are found.

Ivan, am i right that this version will work with 32bit area/border files for townscreen?

If there is anyone interested in RPM dev builds (for Fedora), please let me know.

it’s normal?

Well, only if AI is completely stuck. You may want to use vcmieagles cheat code or just enable AI log to see what’s going on.

The Cove Town isn’t working now. When I enable it, the game crashes while loading map.

Will fix.

Yes, it should.

Works for me. And I haven’t made any changes in it since 0.94…
Do you have WoG commanders enabled? This may cause a crash at the moment.

I’ll update mod for next release. And probably will make compatibility patch soon. For now disabling commanders should make Cove work.

Ok, I disabled commanders and it works fine now, thanks.

Tirith reported that files msvcp110.dll and msvcr110.dll are missing. Still, you can find them in 0.94 package.

He’s not stuck. Some heroes continue to walk. And some do not use

AI became more afraid. Its bad.
War_and_Peace.h3m (54.5 KB)

1.h3m (6.93 KB)

Red console. A lot of red text. Whether it is possible to remove or fix? Besides, it is very slow game. Turn is very long.
LOTR King324.h3m (54.9 KB)

We have bugtracker for that.

Also, we have log configs for detailed debugging.
Beegee, see what happens when all the logs are hidden by default? :stuck_out_tongue:

So more likely that they will not get lost: D

I made corrections to town migration script, now it seems to work with towns I have. It’s version 0.2:
So buildings/faction/structures.json now convert.

I will proceed to create script that migrates creature files.
In creatures there is new idle animation value, and now if sound file has “” path (no file), its reported as error. So need to comment sound files if they not exist.

I migrated creatures, will post my helping script later.

I must say, VCMI checking of input files became lot more strict. So absent files now detected. There is a lot of work now to correct issues and delete non-existing buildings etc.