VCMI 0.93e - development version (r3571)

There were some serious issues with 0.93e, so I decided to release 0.93e with fixes. Please give it a try.


If serious (reproducible) regressions are found, the 0.94 release will be postponed. [Though I’d rather avoid that, 0.93 is both old and buggy, so even with some bugs remaining, this build might still be better.]

Well, seems like some bugs I found earlier on random map are fixed.
Still, there are 2 bugs remain:

  1. In siege mode hero still is overlapped by wall (didn’t reported it earlier). Screenshoot in attach.
  2. In attach there is a savegame. When on random map I try to exchange troops with blue ally, siege battle starts instead of exchange screen. (823 KB)

beegee also mentioned this bug. Probably mine - will fix.

RMG-specific bug. Not critical, RMG is not supported ATM. I will look into this later, though. (There seems to be an unflagged (owner 254) hero on the map)
Please try some standard maps, they concern us much more.

When you plan to release 0.94?

Tomorrow. Unless someone convinces me to not to.

There are indeed a few bugs with random maps. I don’t know if there was something wrong with the map object all the time or it causes problems now only.

Current revision looks good! The crashes and bugs I mentioned are fixed. Still I have 2 points:

During a battle I get log messages like that: (false positive?)

19:02:39 ERROR network [7fc329adb700] - System message: Server encountered a problem: catapult tried to attack already destroyed wall part!

Play a battle till the end and look at the victory/loss video for a few seconds. The video gets blurry and I get a few hundreds console log message like that:
[binkvideo @ 0x7f8f5e994ca0] Reference block is out of bounds

Now’s playing XL map.
Now VCMI can be played good:-)
I gave AI millions of resources, so now they come with large armies.
Yet game crashed 1 time, when I attacked particular hero. There was something like “ballista/first aid tent/ammo cart” doesn’t have stack".
Finally I checked quick combat and killed this hero.
Can’t provide save, I’m playing with new towns.
Maybe it’s because some missile def is missing. Sadly, there is now check of files existence at loading of mods.

I noticed in the last version that there’s a file called “test.exe”. What does it do?

There is a bug found.
When in battle enemy destroys war machines (ammo cart, ballista, tent), after battle they are not dissapeared from slots, and in next battle present also. Some sort of infinite war machines.

PS No one of AI heroes ran away. They are all heroic fighters to the end:-) But I like it - it’s angrying, when AI runs away at first shoot.

PPS Played map to the finish (first time large map is finished not faulted:-) And saves now are working good it seems.
This is the first version playable. AI with lot of resources is fighting and axploring map really good. It gave me non-stop war to very end.

Not reproducible for me. Tested victory video (triumphing knight) and retreat (troops running away).
Most likely comes from ffmpeg (or its fork - libav) - video playback is fully controlled by this library.