VCMI 0.93d - development version (r3565)

as the planned release of 0.94 draws near, it is high time to release a fnother development build:


I brings many fixes, mostly to stability issues reported by Povelitel (thanks!).
I didn’t have time to fix everything I wanted but I believe this build should bring a significant stability improvement anyway.

There are only a few days left, so please check this build, to find any new regressions and issues that should be fixed by the final release. If there are any particular issues you think I should check before the release, let me knot.

If everything is right, there will be no more dev releases and 0.94 will be released on October 1st.

On Windows Blue now Launcher starts:-)
Good to see progress here!

Started Random Map and attacked near town. There was crash and something about “Catapult attacked already destroyed wall”. Siege didn’t even started.

Replayed random, on middle of turn hero stalled, and there was something like
"17:40:42 ERROR global [f7c] - Player 0 has to answer queries before attempting any further actions. Top query is A query of type class CGarrisonDialogQuery and qid=10 affecting players (0, 2)!"
Third time I visited allied player castle, and it also was crash (CGameHandler::moveHero::<lambda_a7c3978adc7b2808fbcbdf34a017e0b4>::operator ()(enum TryMoveHero::EResult,enum CGameHandler::EGuardLook,enum CGameHandler::EVisitDest,enum CGameHandler::ELEaveTile) const.)

In previous version this wasn’t so. I think it’s unstable version and needs further work.

Thanks for testing this build.
Please upload the savegames allowing reproducing these issues. I need somethnig to base on, I can’t just do some „further work” without that.

First issues (it’s all when starting random map) - I didn’t go yet to test some map.

  1. Ally crash.
    Load “Ally”, go and “visit” right bottom ally. There will be crash (logs and dump are here).
  2. Enemy crash - same crash when attacking enemy hero in town (game “Siege”)
  3. Another strange bug - there is darkness around Fortress (not Necropolis), and hero can’t “open” fog of war and step to it (screenshot and savegame attached also) (1.56 MB)

Thank you for the details. These seem to be RMG-related issues (map is ill-formed).
Could you please check if on „normal” maps you encounter such issues as well?

OK, will try to find time to play tomorrow.

With current revision from SVN, I have the following problems:

  • Can’t start any map from file -> crash
  • AI can’t end any turn (on adventure map) -> crash
  • 1st and 2nd level creatures can be randomly from any other town type(hard to reproduce, random) -> funny :slight_smile:
  • Opponent hero sprite is hidden from wall parts in battle
  • Sometimes I can’t even start a random map -> random crash
  • Sometimes I can’t uncover whole map with vcmieagles -> a few parts are hidden
  • perhaps a few more

Don’t know what’s going on here, but that are critical bugs. Tomorrow, I will look into them in a greater detail, create mantis tickets if necessary and provide logs.

PS: No problem with previous release 0.93 on same pc with same data, config… (SoD install, no additional mods)
I compiled VCMI trunk with GCC 4.7 and Fedora 18.

Thanks for testing!

I overdid the #1444-related assertion. Will be soon fixed.
Maps that do not have towns with preset buildings do not crash.

On what map? Does it happen eg. on Arrogance?

The trunk should be fine now.