VCMI 0.93b - development version (r3528)

I took me longer than expected — and I apologize for that — but I have finally next development build ready.


Some feature highligths:

  • the Launcher
  • Quick Combat and Autofight
  • ZIP archive support
    If there is anything to add, please speak up. :slight_smile:

Over the past 3 months we have accumulated quite a number of bufixes:
Please let me know, if there are any remaining issues you’d like me to prioritize.

Possible issue:

  • I afraid that Launcher build might not work on Windows XP. Could someone check it?

To launch game on Win7, I needed these libraries … uncher.rar
However, Kurirn reporte it didn’t work on his Win7 either.

Some issues:

  • Unlucky Ones mod is buggy
  • Witchking Arts mod is buggy
    Investigation shows that downloaded archives are corrupted, also they are bigger than declared size in Mod Manager.

Anyway, how can I upload mods to online repository?

Will check this. Declared size is just a value in repository index and may not be equal to actual size of archive (although I would consider this as a bug - these values should be equal or close to it).

Right now repository is just a set of files in a directory:
So you need to update files and send them to Tow (updated repository.json and new/updated archive with mod).

In case of 3rd party mods I think that they should go through someone else from our team and if there are no issues with them - added to repo (I don’t like asking Tow to check all mods for validness himself).
So perhaps workflow should be like this:

  • modder packages mod and sends it to somebody from our team (me or anyone else who wants to do this)
  • this person will check if mod is functional and does not have any obvious errors (passes validation) and if everything is OK he sends updated index & archive to Tow.
  • Tow uploads everything to

It is also completely possible for a modder to maintain own repository located on own server or in some cloud (like mine Dropbox repo). Index file with mod listing (repository.json) is all that is needed for a functional repository. Of course, in this case he’ll have to ask players to add his repo into list. Launcher should be smart enough to handle multiple repositories including situation where same mod is available from multiple sources - in this case it will download/update to highest version.

We will need mechanism that allows others to upload content to server, or respoitory at least (FTP?). For sure it will be nice to give it to all moderators, but also some trusted members / modders could do the job as number of mods increases. Certainly there’s no need to bother Tow every time :stuck_out_tongue:

Warmonger, ftp or even sftp with key-based authentication would be nice but I’ll leave this to Tow.

And regarding these buggy mods - I was able to install/uninstall both of them without any issues. I remember some glitch (503 error I think) when trying to download from dropbox repository but I was unable to figure out what’s wrong since it was not reproducible. Do you have same problem with repository? Here is link:

I deleted both mods from mod manager and reinstalled - didn’t help. Then also tried deleting mod folders manually, but the result is the same.

I’ve implemented basic error reporting - can you test this again with newest revision?

I once wanted to do this as a site feature (with database and so) but obviously failed to do so due to lack of time. I’ll set you up some access method up before the release.

When luncher will be ready 4 Win 7?

Hi. When you repair the errors exist (in the turn of a computer), I think you have to do 0.93c and [size=150]check again[/size] for errors …

We can’t test everything, it’s the job for testers.

In fact, I didn’t see any error of AI over last month. Probably you just run different maps and do different things that I do.

Yes, there are maps that takes more than usual. I have about ~64 of these around. I would check everything again.
–AutoSkip rules

It is ready, problem is in the package. We have figured out what’s wrong and the 0.93c will have it right. Sorry for trouble.

We are repairing them. I am unable to fix them all at once or to give you an exact estimate when they will be fixed. I just don’t know and I really don’t want to misinform you.

Please, be assured that your feedback really matters and already has allowed us to fix critical bugs that would otherwise still trouble us. I thank you for all the reports and I ask for a little more patience. The one thing I can promise is that I’ll go through every single of your reports and sooner or later get the bugs fixed.

The 0.93c should be out within the next few days (estimate, not a promise), with at least some of your bugs fixed, allowing further testing. There is a limited number of bugs, sooner or later we’ll reach a level where stabibility is acceptable. If not, we will keep posting these development builds until it is good enough to be released.

All right. I’m not rushing you. The main issue more critical patches, IMHO.

This version also must support network multiplayer.

So does it support network multiplayer or not? I would really like that feature, because I can’t play multiplayer using TCP/IP on regular heroes 3 on WoG, and it’s really annoying and tedious, I’ve tried many methods many times, but it just simply doesn’t work. I know that people say the multiplayer on TCP/IP should work with hamachi, and somehow it only worked on the H2 mod for H3(the succession wars mod). When I tried that later on regular WoG(ERA), it didn’t work.

I’m also sorry because this isn’t the thread meant for this, but O01eg reminded me of that.

Choose in menu “New game” -> “Multiplayer” -> “Join” and then enter server’s IP/host and port. So you can join to hosted game. Hamachi can be used if you need launch the server under NAT.

It won’t.
Network MP is not the plans for the next build. The first priority is to reach stability in the SP before providing MP. Even if it works to some degree it is not oficially supported, many glitches should be expected and we generally don’t expect bugreports for network MP problems. [If there is sometthing that really bothers you, file a report, but it will take some time for me to get to it.]

Okay, I might try it just to see if it works. My problem on regular heroes 3 is that when I want to join a game, it cannot find the host’s IP address.
But of course, it’s very logical that you want to make a stable SP before MP. :wink:

What is this launcher meant to do? Because it won’t start on my computer, and, as you can see I have windows 8.

The window disappears in a second, but I managed to get what it said:
"This application failed to start because it could not find or load the Qt platform plugin “windows”.

Reinstalling the application may fix this problem."

Also, what will the mod manager be doing?

EDIT: One more tiny question. I know this isn’t the place I should be asking this, but why is the cove mod for 0.93 in russian now? The translations were overall good, so why is there no english cove now?

If both players are behind NAT (thingy used by some Internet providers) then vcmi won’t be able to work either. Hamachi can be used to workaround that.

This problem will be fixed in next build.

Check Warmonger’s post on this page. 4th post, hard to miss. … enumber=40

Where you got that info? Right now there are two Cove mods:

  • “Cove”: contains English version of Cove using data from acidcave.
  • “Cove Russian translation”: tiny mod that translates all Cove text back to Russian.