VCMI 0.92c - development version (r3391)

Another development build is ready:

Contains a number of bugfixes. Please test it. I did some last minute changes that I haven’t checked properly, because I didn’t want to delay this build any further.
I’m not sure if hero crossover between campaign missions is intact. (Not sure if it was fully working before as well.)

I’ve added the missing 4 graphics (that Warmonger wrote about last time) to the package. Should they be added to the as well?

If nothing terrible is found, 0.93 will be released on Jun 01.
I do not plan any non-trival changes, unless something significant comes out.
It’d be good, if we could catch a proper AI crash scenario, apparently there are still a few remaining.

Yes. That archive should be up-to-date with all our graphical content.

I also strongly suggets to remove this entry from



		"COMMANDERS": true,
		"MITHRIL": false //so far unused

It enforces all WoG features always enabled when WoG is present and doesn’t allow player to disable them by edition of config/defaultMods, like it was in 0.92.

Idea was that if user enables wog (e.g. by installing it) all these features will be toggled on.

If you think that this is not a good idea - feel free to remove it. By next release we should have mod manager with some way to enable/disable these features separately.