VCMI 0.91c - development version (r3242)

Development build 0.91c is finally ready:

What’s new:

  • little more work on campaigns (video introductions to mission)
  • more convienence improements in config fiels

Please test it, there is little time but some fixes are still possible.

Please check if the package is correct. If there is anything more to be said — say it.

I do not plan further development builds, unless something is very wrong with this one.
The 0.92 release is expected on the day after tomorrow.
Please do not commit any “risky” things until then.

Game crashes when clicking on scenario information when playing campaigns.
The videos don’t load for me, just text. Maybe it’s just the location of the videos? My videos are in the “game folder”\Heroes3\Data\Heroes3.vid.
The castle sieges don’t work properly, the towers do shoot, but you can’t break any wall, the catapult always misses(the rock propelled breaks against the wall), enemy creatures walk through the gate, as if there is no gate there. Sometimes my game crashes during these sieges.
These are some very major bugs I have seen right now. Why do you want to release it in 1st march? It can wait until april.

What do you mean by more convenience improvements in config files?

Thanks, but campaigns are not officially finished so it’s not a blocker.

Some installations don’t have campaign videos ( version has them, an old version I was using before does not).

Just string IDs for a few more things (see here: , IIRC spell and primSkill are new in this build).

Spells were already present, just not described on Wiki.

In the meantime I also added a number of improvements to bonuses and their effects, they are all listed in commit log :wink:

Do they work in your H3 instllation? If not, they are not present. If yes, then this is a bug and should be reported with more details.

Not quite. The issue is that catapult attacks random wall part, including towers and keep that have very low hit chance. That causes relatively more often misses but it is not that it misses always.

The gate was never implemented. :frowning:

I haven’t encountered this. Please provide steps to reproduce or logs/dump.

Because 0.91 crashes on catapult shooting. It is much more critical issue.
As a side note… The longer time between releaes, the more bugs accumulate. I’m not sure that April release would be much better.
If there will be really good progress we can always make another release on April anyway. :slight_smile:

They work. Otherwise I wouldn’t mention it. I just thought that maybe the game is programmed to run videos from disc or some other directory.

Will check again. But I had about 5 or 6 catapult shots and none of them broke anything.

It’s okay as long as everything works, as creatures don’t get out of the castle to get into the moat and hurt themselves.

I’m in a hurry right now, but I will send a log later.

If they’re present in Data/Heroes3.vid then 0.92 will work fine - I’ve already found this (revision 3243)

There can be another issue - normal install from CD will not copy these files to H3 directory.
Right now VCMI checks for these files as Data/heroes3-cd2.snd and Data/heroes3.vid. Probably should be mentioned somewhere for those who still use CD for H3.

@Tow: I won’t be able to really test before Saturday, sorry. I’m gone 15hrs/day this week. I did a short attempt to test a bit now and (luckily?) I stumbled upon what I reported on Mantis as #1221. But the rest is for Friday evening at the earliest, or even Saturday I’m afraid. I can test 0.92 then only, so maybe be ready for a re-release if I find something else major. Though let’s hope it won’t be necessary. :wink:

I managed to test a bit this afternoon. No crashes or major bugs, however I didn’t get the chance to test everything. I’m cautiously optimistic about the new release. :slight_smile: