VCMI 0.89c - development version (r2928)

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Resolved reports:
Development log:
Manual: … manual.pdf

Since development version 0.89b, a lot has changed. Thanks to returning Tow Dragon, campaigns should be complete and functional now.
Also, for the first time in history of VCMI, it is possible to add new content (creatures) via mods. Please use this package for thorough testing of new feature, just unpack it in Mods\ folder.

.pdb files: … 00.89c.rar

As always, please correct me if package is incomplete or bugged.

At least hero transfer is still missing\buggy - instead of hero previous scenario all I receive is hero placeholder.

filesystem files in mod directory - they should be replaced with files from SVN. Files in package may not work with Era 2.4

I thought it was ok, but replaced these folder with ones from trunk for cerainity. Package updated.

I doubt hero transfer will be fixed before 0.9 release. Hero transfer is quite nontrivial. Without it, campaigns are hardly playable. There are a few minor features missing too but only hero transfer is critical for playability (IMHO).

Thanks for the new release.

Probably nothing (just different file date between WM and Tow), but I noticed the following config files are older in 0.89c, as compared to 0.89b: campaign_regions, commanders, cr_sounds, defaultMods, defaultSettings, dwellings, heroes, obstacles, sp_sounds, terrains.

EDIT: The 0.89c archive is also missing the ‘Sprites’ folder. If I do a clean install of 0.89c over WoG, I get a crash when trying to start any map, and I suspect that’s the cause (please confirm that’s probably it, else I’ll create a report on Mantis). Not a big issue now, as most would just overwrite 0.89 instead. I ended up doing the clean install hunting the cause of a bug. But we should definitely make sure the 0.9 release doesn’t have any missing files that would cause issues for a clean install.

Packaging became overcomplex right now with new mod support. A lot of manual actions are needed to place everything correctly. I’ll try to get clean up this a bit - data package for 0.89b was fine IIRC.

I’m sorry if I’m not supposed to post here, but I played a campaign, since I was excited that you made them work, but then I saw some bugs, and the game also crashes when you make a combination artifact, are the combination artifacts made yet or not?

I think campaigns are still not playable, I will try to make them worth testing by the next release.

Combination artifacts should work, if they don’t it’s a bug.

I don’t know if I mixed something up, but I have many bugs since I installed 0.89c, now I can’t even click the options button, because the game crashes.

I reinstalled again now and can click the options button, but still the game crashes immediately before I combine the artifacts. Should I report this on bugtracker so everyone can see it?

Yes, definitely. If a bug is reproducible or you have crashdump than report on bugtracker is welcome.

I’m new with the bugtracker. Should I check “check to report more issues” box?

Not really, unless you want to start reporting next issue immediately after sending the first.
I’ve never tried that actually, I guess it just reuses data from the first form to provide a new one?

@Randjan: As Tow said, you can leave it unchecked. Actually only “Clone” reuses data from a previous report. “Check to report more issues” doesn’t copy data IIRC, just reduces with 1 click the steps to open a new blank report. It has a minor use only for those who need to transfer long lists of bug reports (like when we moved to Mantis first time and had to transfer quite a lot from our previous bug tracker).

@Tow: can we expect another dev release before 0.9? There’s been some notable fixes (the load freeze, the [email protected] crash, etc), so it may be good to have a go at the +/- final package at least 24 hrs before the main release.

Complete package except for binaries:
Will use it as data package for Linux but it works for Win as well.

Note that it does not includes map with random creatures from HotA package by Warmonger - I think that it should be part of that mod but it can be added here as well.

For next releases I’ll try to do something with CPack (part of CMake) - it allows one-click packaging and should be easy to set up on Win (or at least easier than gcc + autotools)

Yes, I will issue another build later today.


I’m looking forward to it, it would save me some time… and nerves. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you very much for fixing every bug I reported! Do I need to include more information when posting reports? Maybe a crash log with the last lines in client?

I noticed that the altar of sacrifice didn’t work on one of my maps. Should I report missing features as bugs?

You’re welcome and thanks for reporting them. :slight_smile:
You luckily reported them in the time before the big release, when we are doing “big fixing”.

If we are able to reproduce the issue, then no more information is needed — just what the bug is (what you observe and what you expect) and how to reproduce the behaviour. To reproducing the best are:

  1. An attached map (or name of the standard one) plus steps leading to bug
  2. An attached savegame plus steps (less prefered, save formats compatibility breaks with changes to the engine)

If the bug is not reproducible, then we need as much information as possible, including:

  • description of what were you doing when crash happened and what the circumstances were
  • logs
  • crashdump (if present)
  • console output from the VCMI window
  • screenshot of the VCMI window (you can place both vcmi windows next to each other and take a single screenshot)

Often only some of that information has any use, but it is impossible to say which pieces are importing without actually investigating the bug.

It was already reported and fixed as

Basically only if the missing feature was said to be implemented.
Useful may be:

So, only if it’s not reproducible, then you need more information?

Okay, good that I didn’t report it. I don’t want to make a mess in the bugtracker by reporting bugs that are already posted, because I don’t know all the bugs that are reported.

The spreadsheet says that almost everything is made except a few spells, campaign features, WoG artifacts, and a few more things that I forgot?

Pretty much yes. Take for example your report on the missing battle log. In first instance, a brief report is enough. But if you get an answer on Mantis from another dev or tester that they don’t have the same issue, then you need to:

  • double check you have a correct install (if you know you fiddled with the files, put back the original and try again; if you believe your changes should not be cause of the bug, then at least mention the changes)
  • provide more details, a screenshot, maybe run some tests, to see if it happens on other maps / resolutions / alignments / etc. And in general see what information the devs or other testers will ask and work together to help reproduce & identify the cause.

That’s correct. So you can report any bugs related to everything marked as implemented in the spreadsheet. Just double check it wasn’t reported already, by using the Search box on Mantis’ View Issues page (pay attention to possible synonyms - e.g.: searching only for “regeneration”, while someone reported same bug but referring to it as “heal” or “replenish HP” - at least this fooled me a couple of times:)

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