VCMI 0.86d - development version (r2473)

Hello, friends!

We decided to release another develpment build before upcoming 0.87 update on December 1st. Some nasty bugs have been fixed.

All bugs marked as version should be fixed. During these few days, please make sure nothing crashes. Also, you can enjoy new features like support of all creature abilities and improved pathfinder.

[size=150]DOWNLOAD 0.86d development build[/size]
Resolved reports:
Development log:
.pdb files

Additionally, a number of new useful test maps and Player Manual 0.87 are included in the package.
I believe manual is a handy resource, as today it just scored 1000 total downloads. Now all the players get it with the package.

Play before release!
Try to build units in town.

F4 not working in Main Menu.

Units recruitment works fine. There is already fixed in svn bug in town hall (most building were unavailable). Are you talking about this one?

I didn’t notice any issues with building construction or recruiting creatures. Could you be more specific?

Also, f4 is probably not so critical issue that it has to be reported right here.