VCMI 0.85b - development version (r2260)

Since Tow is busy, I prepared the dev release this time.

This build does not bring any revolutionary changes, but is a steady progress before upcoming rapid jumps.
For players the most tempting part may be a lot of new combat abilities, which will make battles more interesting.

Some engine improvements are promising as well. VCMI may run smoother during battles. Also, vERM parser as well as other hidden features may prove useful in the future.

There is, however, a downside: previous build was not sufficiently tested. We stumbled upn quite a large number of subtle, hidden crash bugs than were not reported. Single full game revealed them.
On the other hand, original game mechanics are quite complex - especially involving battle abilities and spells. Thorough testing is needed for new features. These may be, however, tiny issues which don’t need to be fixed quickly.

Enjoy the newest version of VCMI.

[size=150]DOWNLOAD 0.85b development build[/size]
Resolved reports:
Development log:


0.85 -> 0.86
* New artifacts supported
- Admiral's Hat
- Titan's Thunder
* vERM parser & interpreter
* Bonus caching system
* .tga file support

* Correct handling of siege obstacles
* Catapult animation
* New combat abilities supported
- Dragon Breath
- Three-headed Attack
- Attack all around
- Death Cloud / Fireball area attack
- Death Blow
- Lightning Strike
- Rebirth
* New WoG abilities supported
- Defense Bonus
- Cast before attack
- Immunity to direct damage spells
* New spells supported
- Magic Mirror
- Titan's Lightning Bolt

To all team members: If you did or are going to do some interesting contribution than needs to be mentioned, let me know.

Many thanks to all contributors and players for their constant support.

Thanks for the update. Does this mean 0.86 comes on the 1st of August?

[size=75](if yes, then unfortunately I won’t be around to test - I just bought a house and I’m busy all evenings & weekends with the renovation… no internet connection or time for games… only to check my mails couple of times a week at a friend where I sleep during the works; so if the next release is next week, I wish you best of luck… myself I’ll prolly have again internet and a bit of time to help towards the end of August at the earliest)[/size]