VCMI 0.84c - development version (r2154)

I am releasing 0.84c build which is basically 0.84b with several fixes. If everything goes right, it’ll be released without bigger code changes (just disabled some changes that were made for testing purposes) as 0.85 on Wednesday.

The one issue that bothers me is #729 — I’m unable to reproduce it. If you encounter this again, please collect as much relevant info as possible (logs, savegame, scenario that leaded to issue).

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Resolved reports:
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Many thanks to contributors and testers!

Regarding #729, it could be an existing bug, however not noticed because 0.84 wasn’t tested much (at least I for one barely had time for it). But I noticed today that for 0.84 as well, if I hit End Turn several times in a row (to get to the next week), I end up getting those “Player is not allowed to perform this action!” messages more often as well.