VCMI 0.83b - development version (r1996)

it look long time but finally 0.83b development build is ready. Really large portions of code have been rewritten, including stacks and artifacts handling. New bonus system has been significantly developed. With big changes many new bugs might have sneaked in. Pretty much everything needs testing. All things marked as working in 0.84 in status spreadsheet should be expected to work.


Full changelog will be posted here soon.

Known issues and other remarks:

  • bonuses from artifacts in hero window are not updated on picking artifact
  • bonuses from artifacts cumulates (and should not)
  • artillery secondary skill doesn’t correctly work (no double-damage effect, not always working double shot)
  • stack experience feature is disabled — there is advanced development in handling its mechanics, but no GUI makes it impossible to reasonably test
  • a few hero specialties are broken

Awesome! I’m impressed with amount of changes, you guys are making serious progress.
I can’t say I’ll be able to test much, I’m eyeballs-deep in reports for school, and midterms are coming soon.

Keep up the good work!

I wonder if it is possible to add quick combat option. Not algorithm which is in OH3 but just simple [0,1] i.e. you win every battle without losses even with 1 pikemen. AI is so stupid that playing battles is a waist of time.
Ofc hero should get exp for each battle normally.
And ofc I should be able to turn this option off/on during game.

Yes, It’s possible. It’s too late to add it to 0.84, but we could add it in the next version (0.85 or 0.9).


Guitarzan, thanks for the words of support! :slight_smile:

As a workaround I’d suggest using vcmiainur cheatcode -> practically all neutrals will try to escape from you anyway (unless preset to “always fight” in map editor).

This is not perfect solution.
The on/off option for “quick combat battle”=“always win” will be more practical and simple (ofc for me).