VCMI 0.82b - very development version (r1819)

as you’ve probably noticed I’m recently quite busy - and I’ll probably be during upcoming week. However it’s high time for us to prepare 0.83 release. Here comes 0.82 development build.

Significant changes:

  • After longer break I’ve commited significant changes bringing us closer to the MP support. I’ve implemented most of pregame for setting up MP games. Now, for testing purposes, it works only for localhost. You have to run two (or more) clients - one must enter “Host” mode and then other can join as “Guests”. It’s still not finished but joining and leaving, chat, selecting map, difficulty, advanced options should more or less work. It’s in theory possible to start MP game… but that won’t well. (Don’t report any bugs with such game)
  • Ivan implemented alliances and town timed events.
  • Warmogner implemented Week of / Month of events and moved stack effects in battles to new bonus system (test them).
  • Tow Dragon improved support for campaigns (vide changelog) but things get broken recently, I’ll try to fix them ASAP. (so no testing campaigns for now)

Full changelog:

Please check if I hadn’t missed something here or on the google docs status pages.

I don’t have time to test how well it works together and release time is coming, so I’m posting this development build mostly to see, how broken things are and fix most annoying bugs ASAP.

[size=150]DOWNLOAD LINK:[/size]

Thank you!

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