VCMI 0.81b - development version (r1689)

As usual before upcoming release, I’m posting a “development build” so the most annoying bugs can be found and fixed. We’ve done many changes, including:

  • All adventure map objects are finally supported*! Almost (2½ still missing) all town structures supported. (me and Ivan)
  • Most of hero specialities are supported. To make it possible, way of handling secondary skills has been changed. (Warmonger)

So testing is most needed for new objects and hero (both sec. skills and specialities).


Full changelog:

If any critical issues are found and fixed, I’ll release next build soon after.

[size=75]* Well, I know - there are still bugs that need to be fixed, before support will be really full. [/size]

Please don’t report issues with marketplace window. It looks broken (misplaced graphics) and actually is (eg. crashes when selling artifacts). I must’ve broken it when adding Altar of Sacrifice, I’ll fix it soon.

Great job, you guys have been working pretty hard. I see you’ve also fixed the artifact screen, sorry for leaving you with that before the summer job swallowed my time.

it possible to sacrifice the locks on combined artifacts, when in the sacrifice menu on the altar of sacrifice, unequip and re-equip the combined artifact, then push the place all artifacts on altar button.

It’s fine, your code was well-written and commented. :slight_smile:

Fixed in r1691.

Actually Abandoned Mines seem to be not yet supported.

I see mines are in general not listed under Map objects in the vcmi-status google doc, so probably they represent somehow a side category, but ultimately they still are a map object.

I forgot about them :blush:
But since r1709 they are supported! :mrgreen:
Good thing that you remembered.