VCMI 0.75 released!

When I was talking about size, I was referring of course to the size of the .pcx files, not the .txt. :wink: But I’ll see about preparing the files for this resolution. Perhaps we should check if one of the others is actually not really used, to have it replaced.

And out of curiosity: what does MVS mean? :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe create pool somewhere “what resolution are you using”. Current pool does not include already present. There can be some already included but almost unused and some more popular but not included.
Zam, MVS = Microsoft Visual Studio

Mixing .ttf characters with .fnt is a bad idea. But you can easily switch to pure .ttf so this is not a problem. However config file may require some tweaking.

But all options are working fine, config seems to be fully correct.
There is also message
"Warning1: No building 23 in the castle 1"
but building 23 (one of the special buildings) is present only in 4 towns. Why there is only one such message?
Ah. Just one unused line in buildings config.

Actually web pages can automatically gather information about used resolution. We can relay on pages like this one instead of making a poll among few people.

Thanks for the link. Interesting… though in a way I wonder how relevant it is, as I guess it only records stats for the users accessing their site (or domain?).

Anyway, also in our case, it’s only partly relevant, because probably not all of us play in full screen mode. At least I almost never do (I play at 1440x900 on my 1680x1050 screen). I prefer windowed mode, to have immediate access to the desktop icons, some necessary for testing/reporting: screen capture application, web browser, WoG.

Going a bit back on topic, do you have an idea when will the next dev. version be released? If we want to add 1366x768 to the resolution pack, I need to do a bit of work (Blake’s settings & pcx files were for 1336x) so I’ll have to see if I have time for it (February it’s gonna be pretty busy for me, so I’ll barely have 1-2h/week time for VCMI).

I don’t think it differs significantly from stats of potential VCMI players.

Yes, I don’t play in full screen mode either. But certainly everybody would like to be able to play VCMI in their screen’s resolution. If anybody wants to play in windowed mode, they can pick any smaller resolution.