Variable size battlefields

I remember some interesting H6 battles on a loooong bridge. So:

Make battlefields customizable in size! Right now the standard 17 X 11 grid is used. I see no reason to hard-code them to that size. Again for such a “trivial” thing the bang you get for the buck is quite good.

The idea is to Allow different battlefield sizes depending on the map tile the battle takes place. In this way the map/mod creator can choose the size of the battleground. If he does not, default 17X11 gets used.

That would require very much work.
a) Many things depend on hex numbers, that would lose sense if the battlefield sizes were variable.
b) Total rework of battle interface GUI would be required. And with current hex size it is impossible to fit much more hexes in 800x600 resolution.

I have no intention to work on this feature and I don’t think it will happen in predictable future.