Using vcmi with RoE


I’ve successfully built vcmi for linux, and was wondering if it’s possible to use vcmi with just the base HMM3 [Restoration of Erathia] without any of the expansion packs (since that’s all I have…).


Just in case anyone’s wondering, here’s the list packages that I’m using to build vcmi in a clean Debian unstable (sid) chroot:

Build-Depends: dpatch, debhelper (>= 7) , libtool , autoconf , automake
, autotools-dev , zlib1g-dev , libsdl1.2-dev , libsdl-mixer1.2-dev
, libsdl-image1.2-dev , libsdl-ttf2.0-dev
, libboost1.38-dev , libboost-regex1.38-dev , libboost-filesystem1.38-dev
, libboost-thread1.38-dev , libboost-iostreams1.38-dev

For those unfamiliar with Debian, note that dpatch & debhelper are used in the package building process (so aren’t strictly needed – but won’t hurt anything), and you’ll also need build-essential (which is assumed to be installed on every build machine, but may not be on a non-developers box).

If I can get this working/playable, I may package it for Debian, but it will have to go into contrib…


No, it’s not possible (but you can play RoE maps with WoG rules). We will think about adding this possibility in the furure.

He probably has just RoE because that’s the version that was released as native linux version by (R.I.P) Loki Games. No addons etc. just the base.

Exactly. Do I just need to add some files in order to use what I have with vcmi? Obviously, I would only be using the RoE maps & campaigns, so I wouldn’t need the extra artwork, etc…

Unfortunately, names of some files changed between RoE and WoG. I think it would be possible to just add WoG files into your RoE installation (and then run VCMI) but it’s not simple (although it’s not too complicated eiter) and it could require SoD files anyway (I don’t know).

@Jello: I’m hoping that VCMI will bring a standalone open source game one day. If you don’t know what’s going on H3 modding stage well there is HoTA :

With all the graphics they are doing it would be possible to make a standalone “heroeslike game”. I already proposed it here : … genumber=1

If that ever happens I guess packaging it up for distros would make a lot more sense then packaging just the engine. :slight_smile: