Upcoming development build

as the trunk becomes more-or-less stable again, I hope to release a first development build tomorrow. VCMI received extensive rewrites including artifacts, stacks and bonus system, I want to catch the worst bugs possibly soon [and don’t have much time].


  • if you have any not commited changes or minor fixes to do, upload them ASAP
  • let me know if there are any elements of engine that need my attention (new siginifacnt regressions in trunk). Issues with loaded games doesn’t count, deserialization still needs more fixes.

There is crash at the end of sieges, looks to be related to bonus system:
vcmiserver: HeroBonus.cpp:360: void CBonusSystemNode::detachFrom(CBonusSystemNode*):
Assertion `vstd::contains(parents, parent)’ failed.
Occurs if town with visiting hero in it was captured.