Upcoming dev build notice

I’d like to release a development build package within a day or two. It’s been a while since last build, I want to get sure that I have packaging right with the new model and learn if some things got broken.

Please let me know if

  • I should wait a little longer if you have some changes that’ll be ready soon and you’d like them to be included (though I can always post another build)
  • there are any particular bugs I should take a look at
  • there are any particular packaging issues I should mind (I remember about stack queue, ERA-like res reorganization).

At the moment AI is not allowed to visit Quest objects (Seer Huts, Tents etc.), as they could cause crash after load.

I may have missed quest window in package I sent you.
It was posted here: [forum.vcmi.eu/t/new-quest-log/474/8)

I hope to release 0.89c tomorrow.

I’m going to make development build release around 23rd - 24th January. Please make sure that all major rewrites are done by then or postponed for later.

I have also some particular features in mind:

@Ivan - what’s the progress on universal resources id?

@AVS - do you plan any more refactorings that could possibly cause bugs or conflicts?

@BeeGee - what’s the state of RMG? Is it accessible for casual user? I don’t expect any useful maps from it, but would like to have some sum-up of it’s progress.

Not now.

Will try to finish for dev build. Not sure if it will be available for some areas that still use defhandler - this part may take a while.

I can’t promise, but I will try to finish the correct handling of the terrain view images for the upcoming dev build. The RMG should then be bug-free, so I think it would be fine to enable the RMG part by default. I’ll insert a map event message which says that the RMG is not finished, so that we won’t receive mantis calls regarding this point.

It looks that I need to postpone this to next version.
Universal image ID is more like side effect of what I’m working on (just like mod support was side effect from filesystem API) - finishing image handling system.

I took a different approach than beegee and I already have working image handler with some nice features like caching and much faster blitting (at least 30% faster on my system) but attaching this properly to the rest of engine will take time - I don’t want to commit unfinished code and then fight with bugs till release.

List of new features will be quite big though :slight_smile: