Ubuntu PPA

Several day I created Ubuntu PPA (user-provided repository) for VCMI with 0.91 packages here:

Looks to be working correctly, to use it players can add ppa:saven-ivan/vcmi to software sources like this:

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:saven-ivan/vcmi

For those who are not familiar with PPA’s - this is how Launchpad defines them:

Right now it contains 0.91 packages for Ubuntu 12.04 (precise) and 12.10 (quantal), both amd64 and i386. Packages are identical to 0.91 except for fixed #1197 (crash at siege) - we had more than crash reports in 0.90 (ArrowTower)

Nice! :slight_smile:
Should I link to it somewhere?

That’s pretty much critical.
I think about rushing 0.92.

Mentioning it in 0.91 release announcement won’t hurt but I don’t think that anything else is needed.

I’ve already edited wiki so most users will find it.