Trouble with libVCAI

I compiled VCMI in Gentoo (it seems to be more or less straightforward 0.98 build from github), but vmiclient would crash with

vcmiclient: symbol lookup error: /usr/games/lib64/AI/ undefined symbol: _ZN2fl13InputVariableC1ERKSsdd

Is there any way to debug this further? I extracted this lib (alongside with missing dependencies) from Ubuntu package and VCMI works with that just fine. But I’d still would prefer cleaner and future-proof solution instead.

InputVariable is a symbol from FuzzyLite. You need to update it.

I tried installing FuzzyLite from layman. But VCMI 0.98 uses some extra flags (and still builds against own sources of fl)

So I had to add following changes:
dev-libs/fuzzylite no-c++11

And make sure -DFL_USE_FLOAT=OFF