Todo list

The spreadsheet ‘status of the implemented game items’ is great. But I think it should be more handled like a complete and centralized todo/task list. Further “game items” like the settings window, credits, puzzle window, not implemented game features, modding support related things,… should also be listed. The assign column shows who is actually working at a task. A description column for ambiguous tasks says clearly what they mean and how they should be done. What do you think?

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Thank you! :wink: Perhaps this isn’t the most important feature which could be done but I’ve thought more of a centralized todo list in form of a excel/google spreadsheet which holds all tasks from high to even low importance. Smaller tasks which also should be done could be sticked there that they don’t get forgotten.

Such a todo list could also divide some greater tasks into smaller pieces so that they perhaps get easier to manage.

Why not just get a proper bug tracker?

EDIT: aah i see there is one: