I’m trying to run vcmi on linux. I cannot find where tnrb.ttf comes from. I can’t find it on windows or linux, and google doesn’t know it either. Any clue ?

it’s probably font for vcmi tnrb.ttf
so you should be able to use any truetype font (*.ttf) and rename it to tnrb.ttf and put on vcmi dir
it would work, but you would have diffrent font style in vcmi,
but I think it doesn’t mind

It’s Times New Roman (bold) font. The file is included in all VCMI packages (beginning with VCMI 0.2) in fonts/ subfolder, among other fonts files.

I pulled the code from svn, so that’s why I didn’t see it. And that also explain the other missing files :wink:

Anyway eventually I got vcmi up, running.

@ Tow … AFAIK it’s illegal to include Times New Roman (and other Ms fonts) with any installation and non MS products.

MS TrueType fonts are not free for redistribution in removable media (and in unpacked form). There are some free/open equivalents of those … or many other nice looking fonts. Maybe some nice fantasy-like font ? :mrgreen:

here’s a pic : … nFonts.png

Small issue, but I think it would be nice to clear it at some point

Hmm, I didn’t know. The necessity of checking license of everything you want to put in the Internet is really irritating. In this case, we have to remove those fonts from older packages too.

BTW - what about graphics included in our packages needed for bigger resolutions? They look like they were just slightly modified versions of original Heroes III graphics.

Well those pics are copyrighted … I guess from this point of view any modding even one like WoG is illegall . AFAIK there are game companies who strictly ban modding in any form … That said WoG wasn’t attacked even though reverse enginering the h3.exe and using game graphics in their packages. That means 3do and Ubisoft do not fight mods… though they could as Heroes EULA strictly prohibits such things, and they do own every graphic file used in HoMM III. So yeah they do not fight mods because those are benefical to them and help to sell their games.

That said I don’t really think that Microsoft will hunt you for using their fonts , though they have the right to do so.

You are doing a game engine that right now requires a copy of h3 so for now it should be safe, but game engine is somewhat independent thing and your project for sure has the promise of becoming standalone (without heroes) that’s a time to worry … One thing I do know is that Ubi was not quite happy with Heroes of War and Money : There was even a post by HoMMV producer that claimed they have gone to court with this metter, so I don’t think Ubisoft is an all sweet& nice company. I noticed they changed name to Lords of War and Money … so AFAIK Ubi really took some action

Including this fonts is only a provisional solution. They won’t be needed when we add support for original H3 fonts. I hope Microsoft won’t sue me by that time…

Well, if we will have enough graphics to become standalone, then we won’t need post-H3 files anyway. We don’t have “Heroes” in project name, so Ubi won’t have any reasons to bother us (I think that having “Heroes of xxx and yyy” name was a problem).

I would suggest using the Linux Libertine fonts, they are free and fit well…

Yes, I installed the ttf-linux-libertine package in Debian and then used the following structure:

$ tree Fonts
|-- georgia.ttf -> /usr/share/fonts/truetype/linux-libertine/LinLibertineC_Re.ttf
`-- tnrb.ttf -> /usr/share/fonts/truetype/linux-libertine/LinLibertine_Bd.ttf