The tutorial - roadmap

Hi all,
I am a newbie to the Heroes world. I haven’t and hadn’t played the franchise as many seem to have played so for me the tutorial is the way to go but that seems to be an unimplemented feature.

Is there anyway to know when would the tutorial be taken up? I have tried to figure out but haven’t been able to find the roadmap from the bug-tracker.

Looking forward to some idea of the same.

Your are probably the very first person to ask about tutorial, which means it’s not very urgent feature :stuck_out_tongue:

The tutorial, if implemented, wouldn’t differ much from original Homm3 tutorial, which is available in original game. You need to own the game to play VCMI, anyway.

We may think, however, about VCMI-specific tutorial (commanders, stack artifacts) someday, when all necessary features are impleneted and fixed. Currently they just flow and change with every update :wink:

Hi all,
I don’t get it. What I mean is by this :- … orial.png/

This is after clicking on new game that you get the choices of single scenario, multiplayer, campaign and the fourth which is tutorial.

For a new person who has not played the game nor has idea about the game mechanics and stuff the tutorial is essential.

To make things clear: tutorial is NOT implemented and we didn’t even plan it.

I see, but you’re the ONLY person who started playing Homm3 in 2013 :stuck_out_tongue:

You can always play tutorial in original game installation, not VCMI.

ah o.k. no worries. The problem is I’m only on a GNU/Linux box and what works is I can play it in GNU/Linux via vmci otherwise I would have to either install wine or install MS-Windows both of which are unsuitable for me.

I am o.k. with waiting but would also like to help with playtesting or whatever is needed so that we get the tutorial implemented sooner than later. She plays the tutorial map , and talks about stuff :stuck_out_tongue: (too lazy to watch whole thing, but it looks like more than enough to grasp basics)

It is great to see that still in 2013 Heroes 3 attracts new players! :slight_smile:

Still, don’t think that VCMI is best way to get started with it. Our project is buggy, incomplete and rather meant for testing and initial mods development than just playing. Still, it can give you some fun. :wink:

As for the H3 tutorial, it is just another map (meant to be played while reading a totorial PDF). Go into maps directory and copy tutorial.tut into tutorial.h3m and it’ll show up in the scenario list.

However… at the moment VCMI crashes when loading it. The map contains hero wielding Shackles of War in the left hand, while it Misc artifact. Has the artifact slot been changed since Roe? I’m not sure how to fix it.