Testing map I crafted for myself

Here is my test map for anyone who need it. It’s come through several iterations and it’s what I usually choose to test things. Due to teleports usage it’s not really good to check H3 behaviour, but it’s not it’s main usage.
SXX_TEST_MAP_v3.h3m (63.9 KB)

New version is ready.

  • Many small fixes
  • 2nd hero removed
  • All players now human-playable for MP testing
  • Conflux restored.
  • Added timed event and 3 test rumors
  • Now there is pink player towns with heroes inside
  • Pink and green are allies (needed for siege testing)
  • New testing zones:
  • Attack behaviour
  • Cursor
    • Long path for turn numbers
    • Different events
    • Keymasters
    • Quests

Sadly this one crashes H3 on AI turn, but it’s not that important. :laughing:
SXX_TEST_MAP_v4.h3m (70 KB)