SVN reposotory migration

Sourceforge migrated us. Just got the mail:

If you want to use command from this mail, you’ll obviously have to replace my username.
Apparently Trac will not track svn anymore. :frowning: They now want use to use their own “Allura”

Allura’s browse commit functionality is awful… it’s better to use Github mirror for this feature :confused:

Since we still use Sourceforge, this may be somewhat interesting: … as-fallen/ .

This article looks manipulative and demagogic to me. It sounds as if SF was covertly replacing installers of hosted projects with junkware.
„With their recent changes, users downloading from SourceForge now receive a special closed source installer which attempts to foist unrelated third party software onto them.” and it „only gets worse” because they’re sharing money with the projects (would it be better if they did not?).

Apparently this is a strictly opt-in program. If people wanting to download FileZilla end up with junkware, the ones to blame are FileZilla maintaners who decided to participate in that form of monetization. Sourceforge doesn’t deserve praises for encouraging such an option but I don’t think it is reason for hysteria and boycott. It is not as if project maintainers were unable to provide such installers on their own before. They were. I hate such installers. Still, it is the right of project maintainers to ship them. If people are too annoyed by them, they can always fork project and provide their own packages. It’s open source world after all.

On the other hand… Allura commit browser certainly makes me hysterical and wanting to drop SF. :imp:

Yes, it is. Nevertheless, I hate junkware installers/downloaders (I frequently used to download things until they forced junkware downloaders) and encouraging them is distasteful to me.

Same for me… but trac is down for months and no one has taken any action.

Perhaps I was doing nothing… or perhaps I was actively waiting for Microsoft to make their Git support in Visual Studio usable. :>

From my experience creating a decent GUI for Git is impossible. It’s really interesting that while I hate using SVN via command line, I hate using Git via graphical tools (except perhaps file merging). Git is very complex and once your GUI-oriented tool fails (which has happened to me surprisingly often), all you can do is to use command line. Therefore I wouldn’t expect usable Git in VS in foreseeable future. (BTW, Sourceforge is not the only free SVN hosting service).