Support for NIT devices (or any capble of arm linux)

i see that the code generally support linux
i wonder if it will work on linux devices with arm hardware
well the only I know are NIT(Nokia Internet Tablets eg N900) and rooted devices with ubuntu

speciffically i’m intrested in N900 as i use it as phone
i know that so low resolution (800x480) is not supported, but let worrry about others
the linux on N900 is maemo distribution, it have Allegro, SDL and some Boost libraries so i hope it should support it by terms of libraries. also i saw that code compares endianess on server and client so hardware isn’t much of problem

is there any additional matters about compiling it on N900 or similair device?

ARM support should be straightforward (at least in little endian mode). There’s already a N900 port that’s been discussed here a while ago. The resolution will be the biggest issue I suppose.

resolution will not be a problem if will be implemented

Or you draw into a 800x600 GL surface and let the hardware resize it. SDL 1.3 can this kind of this.

i prefer it in HALF mode, because then adventure map may match the resolution of phone (which is sort of widescreen but uncommon ratio)

also should the port use the menubar (reserved place for ui similair to window bar) or pure fullscreen?