Stone Pyramid

I made another small mod, Stone Pyramid. It’s weaker version of standard desert pyramid: you fight with less amount of golems, and the reward is 4th level spell instead of 5th.

Andruids helped me with .json file.


Hi, I have tried about 10 xl random maps, but the pyramid did not appear on the map.

I use VCMI 0.99 and mod is enabled. Any advice? I’d like to add it to my page.

Stone Pyramid like normal Pyramid is set to rare objects and can be generated only at sand terrain. For testing purposes open file stone_pyramid.json in notepad, find line “rarity” : 20 and change to “rarity” : 100. Then save file. Now this pyramid should generate more often, but still on sand terrain.

Thank you, everything is working.

BTW: Does anyone know why the random map generator generates so many prisons?

Let me see. Prison objects have no pre-configured values for random map generator. It means these values are the same like in SoD, or prisons in vcmi have default rmg values so that’s why generate very often…

I wrote a quick, simple mod that should generate prisons rarely as possible, but it seems Prison objects are not affected by RMG values :frowning: (bug?) (1.2 KB)

thanks, but i have bigger problem: Daily build still crashes