Daily build still crashes

Hi VCMI Heroes,

i have a big problem with VCMI daily builds, I can not run them. The game always crash if I click “SINGLE SCENARIO” (I tried more daily builds, but still same problem).

Thanks for any advice, VCMI 0.99 works smoothly at the same PC.

VCMI_client.exe_crashinfo.zip (626.6 KB)

Just a thought. Did install VCMI over clean SoD or maybe HotA?
And one more thing: in which moment game crashes? From the screens I can see you click Multiplayer button. What about clicking Single Scenario button?
And when Connecting window appears, don’t click Cancel and wait about 20 seconds…

I use Heroes 3 GOG version.

It’s the same if I click Single Player or Multipalyer. He waited a little longer than 20 sec.
But I know I have the VCMI daily build well installed because on the other computer everything works fine.

It is possible to find out something from crash log?

You must attach all txt logs files. From My Games/vcmi folder. Dmg file is useless

vcmi.zip (68.6 KB)

Maybe problem lies in non-english letters in the filepath? C:\Users*Predajňa*\Documents
In the second PC you are using the same folder names?

Maybe you are right. But how do I change my PC name?

It is a company PC : D

The other computer does not have the same name.

I’ve never tried to do that. But maybe google will help: https://www.cnet.com/how-to/how-to-change-your-computers-name-in-windows-10/

First maybe try changing user data directory in VCMI Lanucher(and move everything from old directory to new one)

good idea, but how?

Oh, I thought you can change it, but it looks like you can’t.

That non-english characters are in user name, so you have to try on another user(if exist, not sure if you will be able to create new user on company PC)

Other thing worth checking is if antivirus isn’t blocking anything

It looks like I will have to contact the IT department. I have to think good reason: D

But, it is only a thought. I have no idea it will help such changes…

non-english characters was a problem, so I created a new user and finally everything works :slight_smile: thanks

vcmi is very far from being stable, crashes continue.

Yes, they should try increasing times, and then ensure it is stable in any conditions. I shared VCMI in Chinese HoMM3 forum and there are still many problems which cannot be solved nowadays.

It is really a long time for them to develop this project. However, it is still not good enough. The only thing we can do is doing tests. Sometimes I also feel disappointed, but I still love it…it makes my dreams in childhood come true, with many new alignments.

I have also seen the comments in HC forum. But I have no willing to register it, since I lost my third account in this forum.

are you still working on forgotten field on h3?
I saw a heroes 3 link from a giga up,
but I can not download

I cannot do it without someone’s support, because our programmer will not work for this.
Your link is only the chinese version VCMI.

I am now just working for my new towns and improving them, and also doing translation of HotA and VCMI, like this…

It is useless for you to download Chinese version, I suppose.
However, some Chinese amateurs started to make new mod for HoMM4, which can add new spells, creatures and heroes.

About H4… probably best mod for H4 would be whole map view for AI players. One of reason H4 is not very liked is dumb AI.

so forgotten field for heroes 3 will never come out I suppose?