Stack queue

Haven’t found any topic regarding this so opening new one.

On Russian forums I noticed stack queue proposition with somewhat nicer graphics (bigger player-colored area, more readable stack size)
so I implemented similar one for VCMI.

In attachments: screenshot + updated files (unpack in Data)
Old queue background (CHRROP.pcx) can be removed. (4.65 KB)

Just an observation: if stack queue covers all space from left to right, it will take the only available space the modders can use for custom icons in battle.

I kinda liked the small versions. I’m thinking they are there just to show you what’s next, and is not necessarily to see all their detail.

This way I think they’re attracting the attention from the battle. If we leave them this way, we should put extra info on them (don’t know what yet) to justify them being this big. IMO

In big version there is more than enough space from left and right sides completely free from any interface.
In small version stack queue uses around half of screen width - there is still some free space.

Besides - queue can be disabled in one click. And there may be some way to hide or resize it via script.

Stack size on icon was barely readable. One-pixel width player coloring was quite difficult to read too especially in battles like red vs pink.

I wanted to make stack queue respond to mouse action (l-click, r-click, hover) in the same way as creature but haven’t found any easy way to do that. Apart from this I don’t know what else you can use it for.

I see. Well, I like the fact that it’s not covering the background, that it has a space of its own.

As I see it, you could use them to display information about the spell bonuses that they have (like prayer or bless, or the negative ones like slow).

You could display these as small icons superimposed over the unit’s image on one side, or you could show the unit information window when you hover over the unit’s image. While the second solution you said would be harder to implement, the first one should be simpler, right?

I was more thinking about targeting unit by clicking on stack queue or highlighting unit when mouse is on icon. If you played HoMM5 you should know what I mean.

There is no problem with implementing some reaction on mouse movement. The actual problem was connecting it with battle interface: I haven’t found any clear way to implement “highlight unit X” or “click on unit X” actions even when “X” is known. Somebody more familiar with this code should be able to do this.

Not sure about icons - they may be too big to fit into small area. Idea with unit window looks nice but it will rule out HoMM5-style reaction.

Mhm maybe it just could stay small and, get enlarged when you hover over it with mouse- a gimmick, but would save space , and give optional readability? It’s not that important in battles after all : d

If you don’t need it - you can disable it. (hotkey is Q). Dynamic resizing can be complex to code.