As some of you may know, Sourceforge is upgrading* their hosting service. It brings a few important changes. First of all, there will be no hosted apps. In our case Trac will go down. Instead, we’ll get Allura. Its commit browser is terrible.

They start upgrading all projects on April 22, starting with longest inactive ones. My question (to all people using VCMI’s repository) is: what do you think about SF.net and this inevitable change? I think it’s a good moment to evaluate the service and consider switching to a different one.

*for my use cases it’s actually a downgrade

I wasn’t aware of that. Pity that they’re shutting down Trac. But what are our options? So far I have seen no initiative (from other devs) to switch to different VCS and I can’t remember any other hosting services that work well with svn - most of them recommend one of distributed VCS (github, bitbucket, launchpad).

VCMI was hosted on Assembla before we switched to sf.net. It worked pretty well.

Another great day of sourceforge: