Russian fonts

Please remove russian *.FNT files away from cove/preserve town mods because they break polish fonts i wish to use.

IMHO russian fonts should be separate mod download.

Russian fonts are a part of Cove mod, because all text there are in Russian.

Poor English:

Yes i know.
What i’m saying that i don’t know russian so there is no difference for me if cove objects have russian letters or not.
I use polish version of the game.
All what is important for me is that the installing of russian fonts breaks all polish characters in all messages on all polish maps and in all other standard castles.
So the first thing i have to do after installing cove is get rid of those fonts so they stop breaking texts in all game for the sake of single new castle.
Maybe you should think of using utf8 font?


Tak wiem.
Nie znam rosyjskiego więc to czy obiekty dodane przez Cove będą miały rosyjskie literki czy inne robaczki nie nie robi mi różnicy.
Używam polskiej wersji gry.
To co jest dla mnie istotne że instalacja tych rosyjskich czcionek psuje polskie ogonki w standardowych zamkach czy polskich mapach.
Tak więc pierwszą rzeczą jaką muszę robić po instalacji cove to wywalenie tych rosyjskich czcionek aby przestały mi psuć polskie ogonki we wszystkich innych sekcjach gry na rzecz pojedynczego nowego zamku.
Może powinniście pomyśleć o zastosowaniu czcionek utf8?

Don’t worry - it is good enough to understand you.

This is not as simple as it seems. Due to size (quite small) true type fonts are not as readable as original bitmap fonts. This would also need detection of current encoding and converting it into UTF.
Doable? Yes. But still not trivial.

Another solution is to translate Cove to English - I think all texts we use are already translated on acidcave. I wanted to wait till official translation but at least we’ll get rid of issues like this.

This is how my ttf fonts “mod” looks in vcmi right now:
There are still some issues most notably - popup dialogs.
And mod itself for those who wish to take a look on it: …
Note that right now it will break any localizations.

All configuration done via config/fonts.json. If somebody will make these fonts look better - let me know. I kind of given up on this field.