Runes magic system

HI Hello, is there anyone able to create a new mod that would add runes to this game? something like heroes 5. I thought how it would work but I can’t create it, I created a few simple mods. but this is too demanding for me. here are some possible pixels to make it from. If anyone can do it, as a new hero ability, 8 rune types and rune spells. I will be very happy. I have ideas. but maybe someone will come up with better options. these pixels are quite simple, it’s just an example. how could it be done.

1.8 types runes.

4 basic. air,fire,earth,water they increase the power of spells using a given spell faction.

  1. advanced. thunder,darkness,undead,special.

I think it’s a good idea.

basic runes system

advanced runes system

expert runes system
all have 1 - 5 levels
air runes:

fire runes:

earth runes:

water runes:

thunder runes:

undead runes:

darkness runes:

¨special runes:

all spell runes conbinate:

new spell runes :slight_smile:

Don’t know if it is possible for now. I throught of a runes as an artifacts that can assemble into higher runes. But it requires for composite artifacts to have possibility to occupy only one slot. Think about many rune variations, which will assemble from minor runes and give much more better bonuses.

what about runes as spells? with a new book of spells? study a new skill, the rune system.

New book of spells is not possible. And there no reason to dublicate spells, i think. However spells with special : true flag can be made, which i think will be granted only from skills. But again i dont think there is a reason to dublicate Magic skills

If a system of scrolls, dissapearing after spell casting in combat, will be coded, runes can be made as a one-time casted scrolls

can you make it so that the runes have some benefit?

No, I am not a programmer.

There was unfinished mod that introduced Runes - they were artifacts for creatures.

Rewardable object can be made, which once a week gives runes artefacts set to hero with Runes skill only.

Allow a flags that will tell a game that artifact occupies only one slot/can be dissasembled. · Issue #3368 · vcmi/vcmi (

Added a modding proposition to allow rune system (combinations of runes) or alchemy potions assembling.

could you make it and give a download link? I saw how it could be set, but I don’t know which line to write in and in short I don’t know how to set it. plss