Replacing secondary skill icons

Looks to be it.

What’s wrong with creating shadows without any background? Background-independent icons should be more easy to use. Replacement texture may be useful for GUI replacement later on so it won’t be wasted.

All you need is to install TortoiseSVN (in case of Windows) and copy-paste URL. I think that can be qualified as “easy” :slight_smile:

SVN works with binaries as well (for example images). Only difference is that you won’t have any diffs for them (list of changed lines) which aren’t used by artists anyway AFAIK.

Having ability to use a Diff is always good.
I suggest using ASCII scene files, because then SVN would work better, and since SVN handler have to upload only changes and not whole file, it should be faster too. Also if it would happen two artist would do changes on same file, there exist a chance that the changes could be automatically merged.

On another side binary files may have lesser size themselves. Still I think using SVN without versioning stuff is something like a waste.

To Ivan: Remember I’m talking about ascii 3d software scene files, for models, materials, perhaps animation and even rigging. Not bitmap graphics in any shape or form. This is purely for sharing 3d scene files between the artists working on assets for vcmi. The bitmap graphic files are created upon rendering, which happens last. Most likely post work is required after rendering (i.e. photoshop etc), so this is when I’d recommend using another sharing service/location rather than SVN for bitmaps. However, probably most artists here will do the post work after rendering themselves (I know I will).

Hope this clarifies a bit. :unamused:
Any images will work - indexed or RGB, with transparency or without it. Actual replacement done via small text file so you can add any new icons yourself.

Regarding icon - a bit different background texture is quite notable. Removing it is probably easiest way to fix this. Also, icon looks a bit too bright compared to interface.

yes, icon should have transparent background. Icon itself is great but icon’s background square spoils the whole view.

OutSane, are you still working on replacing secondary skill?
I hope you are, because I was really impressed how the first one came out. It looks really good.

I have started redrawing the artifacts, but in 2D. Have a look here if you’re interested.

Hey Ed, I check VCMI forums from time to time. And although I am not really working on the secondary icons I did complete another icon, the one for ballistics and here it is. … cFinal.png … dFinal.png … tFinal.png

oh and here it is from the battlefield perspective :wink: … alista.png

on to checking what you have been up to :slight_smile:

Wow. That’s amazing level of detail.
You should probably move camera a bit to fit whole ballista on icon - looks a bit weird in-game.

Check attachments: screenshot + package that can be installed on 0.89 (unpack in Sprites directory). Images were downscaled to 200px. (217 KB)

ups… that does look weird
But I don’t think the problem should be solved by making a more broad view.
It will change the focus area from the actual ballistic to the mobile platform its mounted on and that will definitely lose a lot of the old feel.
The original icons have a subtle highlight (its 1 pixel in width) around them that kinda makes them pop out and separate them from the background. I am gonna try to make something similar but I don’t have the photoshop skills to make a good imitation.
maybe a simple thin frame (bronze for basic, silver for advanced and gold for expert).
what do you think?

Here is the original icon for compare its very subtle

Yeah I know that. However:

  • You ballista almost fits into icon so it shouldn’t shift focus to platform too much.
  • This is the only skill that have clipped object in it (not counting rays on eagle sight)

Frame may work but I am not sure how easy it will be to scale icon - I suppose that you’ll need to manually restore 1px frame after resizing.

Choice is yours of course - just saying ideas.

Tried making a frame but didn’t make anything satisfactory. Anyway here are the icons without the ballistic being cut. … alista.png … alista.png … alista.png

btw from some reason I can’t run vcmi 0.89, it tells me resolution isn’t supported and i do have a resolution setting on my PC that is supported by VCMI according to forums (tried different resolutions as well.


edit it seems I made a small hiccup with the advanced ballistics here is the corrected version … alista.png

Awesome icon again!

My advice is not to think of this as an obligation. Just work when you have the time and feel like it. :wink:

PS: BTW, you can make necromancy really easy seeing that you already have the skull modeled.

Default resolution is 800x600 which I think is supported everywhere. Try removing config/settings.json file - this will reset settings to defaults.

It worked thanks :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if this is original, made by NWC, or fan-made, but it looks good and relatively high quality.

Hi, I am the artist that created the skill icons for Heroes III. Yes, those are the three icons for the School of Magic Earth from the game. I too have been redesigning the game’s icons, keeping them in the same style as the originals but creating them at a very high resolution and size. Here are a few samples.

I was planning on reuniting the original Heroes team members to recreate a game in the same style as the original games but haven’t done so.

It will be great, if you will join VCMI hard work on creating free game for all people in the world.
Free resources will cure VCMI from dependence of HMM3 licence.

I cannot but wonder what those icons are for :slight_smile:

These icons look damn cool!

I found more on his deviantart page:
Found more about it here: (a kickstarter campaign idea, hasn’t seen any updates for a while)