Reinstated music support

Having nearly two years passed, I’ve finally reinstated the music player. It got disabled due to a bug in sdl_mixer/smpeg that caused random crashes. Now, in recently uploaded MSVC library pack I’ve included new build of SDL_Mixer that I linked against MAD to use it for MP3 decoding.

I did some early tests and everything looks fine, however more testing is needed.

Also, the music code needs some development to behave similarly to the H3 (not starting over the same music, updating with hero movement, and so on). Any volunteers?

I can’t test how well MAD works but I’ll finish music playing.

for testing or for coding?
do you implemented music only for adventure map or town too?

Great, thank you :slight_smile:

Both (well, since Ivan took coding now only for testing), though to test you’d need to build SVN version of VCMI on Windows (the bug was AFAIR platform-specific).

I aim to start releasing dev builds next week, I hope it’ll be enough for testing.

i cannot test in windows because i don’t have a build enviroment in my virtualbox(xp), but on linux everything seems fine, main menu, adventure map and city all are ok.