Random map generator


Why “fixed”? This is very minor feature nobody cares about. Not to mention it’s not ever bugtracker.


Very nice, it’s not so empty as original rmg underground :slight_smile:


I still improved it since yesterday, now there is more rock visible:


Main diference is that there are no decorations all around rock edges, playable tiles can touch rock directly.


Some good progress this week!

Roads are more or less working:

Random templates use mod system for easy switch:


Cool :slight_smile:

BTW If not added yet in the game… I think that templates should be selectable from in game before generation.


Some smoother roads.


Now also all the objects in the zone should be accessible, no blocked out parts of the map anymore.


By the way, on random maps neutral towns often generate without village halls. So usual it’s only 1st level dwelling in town and no possibility to build something. Is it a bug?


How’s it going with the RMG?


No changes were made since these screenshots, apart from some bug fixes at player selection.

Any urgent suggestions?


@Warmonger where is WoG with fixed RMG configuration? Version in repository has nothing about that.


Does it help if you turn russian trlanslation off?


Yes it helps. Thanks.


Okay. Though I’m not sure why it doesn’t work for russian translation, both should use the same config file. Maybe Ivan can figure this one out.


Wog russian translation has much text config overrides.


In case you missed it, Seer Huts are finally working:




When water generation for RMG is planned?
Think it’s only missing feature from std RMG generation.


Original water implementation is very bad and I don’t have complete idea for how to make it good.

Some points to note:

  • Ensure that no passages between unlinked zones are generated
  • Ensure that players can’t avoid zone guards between water zones
  • Generate some cool water treasures that are also balanced
  • Make use of Water Walk, Admiral’s Hat and sailing in general


By the way, when creatures are placed by RMG, i think it will be good to place them not totally random, but depending on terrain of faction (if not add voluntary field “terrain” to creature structure). Or make it an option.


There is such an option in template. Check Clash of Dragons.


By the way, now we have in templates records like “xl+u”, “m+l” for sizes of map.
This way there is no possibility to use custom size maps with more than one underground.
Is there are ideas how to make custom sizes possible?

My ideas:

"minSize" : "m", "maxSize" : "m+u",


"minSize" : 64, "maxSize" : 72, "minDungeon": 0, "maxDungeon": 3 

So minSize is size in 64 squares, maxSize - in 72 squares. This will fit maps 64x72, 72x64, 64x64, 72x72.
minDungeon=0 means that it will fit map with no dungeons at all
maxDungeon=3 means that RMG can generate up to 3 dungeon levels choosing randomly (if in RMG dialog user selects “Dungeon”).

To buttons “S”,“M”,“L”,“XL” must be added “C” (custom size). In maps filters it will show all maps that are not S/M/L/XL.
In RMG settings tab when selected it will give dialog like “Choose resolution window”, where all availeble sizes allowed by current templates will be shown (with template name to the right) (or only non-standart sizes).

Like i make template with “minSize” : 1024, “maxSize” : 2048, than when pressing “C” i will get listbox with “1024x1024 (name of template)”,“1024x2048 (name of template)”,“2048x2048 (name of template)”, “2048x1024 (name of template)”.

What do you think?