Random map generator


Possibility to create larger maps is definitely splendid idea, however as you guys said, creating such maps would be resource consuming. For example I managed yesterday to create some big (I mean really big) maps:
300x300 tiles (unfortunately I forgot to measure the time of generation, but it was somewhere about 10 minutes or less),
350x350 tiles - generation time for this map was 20 minutes,
400x400 tiles - here the time was little longer - 40 minutes, and finally
500x500 tiles - this map generating was really time consuming - 2 hours 10 minutes.

As I noticed about memory usage, it’s not really such big (few hundreds of MBytes).
BTW. I include the generated maps (or rather I should call it saves, because maps are not supported yet), so everyone who would like to see these maps can download them.
RMG logs [500x500 tiles].rar (110 KB)
Random map [500x500 tiles].rar (2.91 MB)
Random map [400x400 tiles].rar (1.96 MB)
Random map [350x350 tiles].rar (1.6 MB)
Random map [300x300 tiles].rar (1.32 MB)


So map for 1000x1000 tiles will take a day to generate :mrgreen:


This is what I mean “nearly impossible”


And a year to complete :stuck_out_tongue:


Did you modified sources (or changed size of map in EXE by hex-editor?
Can you share also modified EXE?
I will play and try to create RMG template for big sizes of maps :mrgreen:


Well, every time when I created random map I had to have precompiled binaries, because option to change random map size to any you want to generate in runtime is not implemented yet. I just had to change the two lines in lib\rmg\CMapGenOptions.cpp:

void CMapGenOptions::finalize(CRandomGenerator & rand)

Fortunately there already was a clue left, so I could use it. If you want to create such a big maps then I think it will be better if you would try to do it yourself, because you would work on already fixed sizes of RGM, as it is on the code showed above.


With latest changes to treasure placement I managed to get dwellings spawn more often with typical templates.


With recent changes related to wood and ore mines placement there now usually up to 8x (4x wood and 4x ore) of them in one area on large map. :slight_smile:


Like this?

Nothing has changed in Jebus template over last 12 years.


They just was way too close to each other and it’s looks weird. Though on smaller maps it’s was totally fine.

Let’s say fair I’m not someone who perfectly know all specifics so who knows, might be it’s have to be this way.


I think you make a great joy to the players, if you eliminate the spell:

Summon Boat, Scuttle Boat in guild and scrolls.

marine artifacts: Sea Captains Hat, Necklace of Okean Guidance, Boots of Levitation

And to prohibit the appearance of navigation skills

On the maps without water.


I would like to do that it after water maps are implemented so we could test it and see the difference.


Only if an option. I like the idea that there can be trash skills and useless artifacts. For artifacts there is a artifact merchant, and for skills there some day will be Market Of Time.


…“Market Of Time” …

It’s all sorts of options wog and other. Yes, I know it would do in earlier versions, but never did. Nevertheless, it is not the original.
I take it all for the bug. It’s not a useless artifacts and skills. The same “eagle eye” for example very useless skill, but I did not touch him.
Talking about the map **without water **and water attributes. This is an obvious flaw. On that previous developers just not thinking.
But when you play on random maps, it is very frozen out. Just stupidity.


HOTA also thinks about adding Market Of Time. It’s a great idea I think. And Market of Time was in original HMM3 files (but was not used on maps :sunglasses: ).


Tried playing 500x500, was crash right away, when loading the random map


Savegame format has changed, you won’t be able to load these maps anymore.


Currently vcmi generates full zones underground. It is a temporary solution and IMHO it is in some way better/refreshing if one compares it to the way original h3 generator does underground.

So I’ve decided to post my opinion on it, in hope that maybe vcmi does a bit better job with rmg underground levels.

Problems with underground in h3 rmg :

-the underground is a desert (not too much things to visit / get … well at least a lot less then the surface)

  • tunnels are complicated and often a dead end which makes exploration take lot of turns.
  • almost no decoration (big mountains are never used for example), so we get boring tunnels without a single tree/forest/mushrooms… even though such graphics were made for h3
  • almost every time I play rmg ends up making a big underground … as big as the surface. IMHO underground levels should be about 50% size of surface world max.

Some solutions:
-Tunnels should be less cramped / wider to allow using some decorations/obstackles like forest/mountains etc.
-some regions could be a big caves (mainly those around castles) which would generate a zone like the current vcmi implementation does.
-it would be cool to have underground as a path to connect zones. Instead of teleporters place subterrain gates and one straight tunnel between them. Would be imho cool to have templates that would do just that instead of big underground levels.
-reduce the size of generated underground levels. Max 50% of the surface world

BTW original rocks/underground connections are very ugly in h3. h3 underground look more like some islands around void then actual underground, hence the current way VCMI rmg does underground is refreshing.

In my little legends projects since I was unable to make nice looking underground borders I’ve decided to do a lava terrain instead of rocks and a shore connections to normal underground level. What however gives the real underground feeling are the big obstackles (mountains) which look like underground cave walls . (See attached pic). So in my project if rmg works exactly as in h3, underground levels will be more like an empty lava world. The current vcmi way seems more interesting and maybe would be nice to have as an option to set in template. (fe. an option to set a percentage chance for rock generation and percentage of chance to generate mountains instead of rock terrain).


I’m going deeper underground…


So we got it. Same playability, better visuals. Thanks to Beegee.


Will Subterranean Gate be fixed also? I mean randomly choosen template for it (other objects appearing is taking randomly).

Now will you be making generation of sea terrain?