Questions about playability on Android

Hello everyone

First of all I would like thank everyone that contributed to this project, I have been a uber-fan of the Homm series for over 15 years now and the best thing that could have happened to this franchise is for the fans to turn this timeless gem into an goto/onthego type of game especially on smartphones.

I have managed to properly install VCMI on my mac, downloaded the essential files in order to make the resolutions works, now plays perfectly.

I have made the same adjustments on android to have access to the numerous resolutions.

Playing on a S9 plus full screen is great but I’m having a lot of trouble actually in terms of playability (everything is quite small on one of the bigger smartphones out there)

My question is this one : is there a specific resolution that’s more practical to play on a 6’2 inches phone and is there an additional utilities mod available to address these concerns ?

Thanks in advance for all your help.


I’m not vcmi android user, but if bigger resolution you set - you get ‘larger view’. That why all is so small, because 2d graphics are not scalable. So the best option is choosing native resolution 800x600. Of course 480p resolution should look better at smartphones, but vcmi doesn’t handle such feature for now.

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