Qt 5.2.1 binaries for Visual Studio 2013

because Qt doesn’t come with pre-built binaries for Visual Studio 2013 (and building is such pain) I decided to upload them.
My Qt binaries package comes in two tastes:

The packages contain Qt 5.2.1 built with Visual Studio 2013. It is a complete build, including webkit.
This build relies on ICU library, which binaries I have included in the package as well.

How to use:

  1. Extract (eg. in the C:\Qt directory).
  2. To build Launcher with this Qt enter VCMI_global_user property sheet and set QTDIR macro to qt521_dist_vc12 directory (eg. C:\Qt\qt521_dist_vc12 ).

If there are any issues with the package, please let me know.

PS1. Remember that when using Visual 2013 you need post-1.55 version of boost (grab it from Git and build)
PS2. If you have non-express version of Visual Studio and the bigger Qt package, check out this extension: visualstudiogallery.msdn.microso … c787192db0
It uses debug sumbols (PDB files) to create VC project for Qt — and provides support for semantic highlgihting, code navigation and so on over the sources of Qt. And all that from the context menu during debugging.