Project Legends - standalone game powered by Vcmi


The good question is though why or what for would you want to see it mixed with heroes ? The art style here is different from the one in h3 so it doesn’t really go well with h3 art.

As for whether one could or not use this graphic for h3 going by the license. CC-BY-SA doesn’t allow mixing with commercial art. Anything derived from it should be cc-by-sa. Since licensing is a real headache you can interpret it by two ways:

  1. you cannot mix commercial and cc-by-sa art into one file or model. So if files are separate it is all ok.
  2. all the content must be cc-by-sa, as the art pack is considered as whole.

People argue about it a bit on the net too: … rcial-game … f-cc-by-sa

As for progress. Mage guild screen was fun to do. I had many ideas, still ended up doing it in a very different way then my first concept. I really cannot decide, about using those bricks texture. Somehow the one without bricks seems less h3 which is good as I want to differ from h3. Well I don’t expect many to comment on which version is better but if you want to then please do so.


I throught about totally remaking Mage Guild.
How about refusing wooden racks, wall and window at all?
Display spells like in table by levels (5 spells to the right side for 1st level, etc). And background can be made as race specific mage guild image or video animation?


Your graphics are awsome, better than New Interface Mod.


I also want to see these towns as mods for VCMI. More towns - more profit :slight_smile:
Licence will allow if they are made as mods. Mod itself doesn’t mean it will be used with commercial graphics. And I hope VCMI one day will receive redrawn graphics (polish modders started to do so).


Well you will see it differently one day. Quality over quantity:) so to say. Anyway I still fail to see why would you want another necromancer or elves in h3… aside differences in art those towns are somewhat a clone of what already is in the game.

As for mage guild I also thought about doing it in a menu like way … but I don’t know if spell positions can be changed in vcmi, and with current positions it wouldn’t look good I’m afraid.

Anyway lots of stuff to do so I cannot spend so much time on mage guild :slight_smile:

This week update : All creature dialogs view, buy, and fort.


So another week update of my work :

Going further in the menus material to do all the market windows made me realise that I will have to do resources icons at this point… So here they are :
Event box - resources (biggest in game icons for those)

Resources are as follows: Wood, Mana, Ore, Eggs, Oil, Hellium. Well I wanted the resources to have an actual connection to units. In homm it wasn’t always so clear and resources were … well for example why devil cost was mercury and not sulfur?.
And so:

  • Mana will be for magical constructs or summoned creatures.
  • Eggs will be used for beasts like basilisks or beholders.
  • Oil will be used for machines.
  • Hellium will be used for flying machines.

Windows for market place, sell creatures, give resources to another player, sell arts, buy arts :


val-gaav, great work! Can you upload all your icons/menu/art/etc in one archive?
I want to try add grass, roads and all other stuff to get working vcmi test map.



I’m not saying no right away, but my work is not ready. Not to mention I wanted to polish some of things I did after I have most of the stuff done.

BTW, would you be ok with getting those out of layers in GIMP files ? Next would be saving parts of layers as pngs and changing to SD proportions as most of those are x2 size of what vcmi can support currently (1600x1200 vs 800x600 )… that is unless you know a bit C++ and can make changes in Vcmi to support x2 mode.

So yes you would need some skill with graphical tool to get it working, and it would be quite a bit of work to separate files into pngs.

Also I am somewhat a messy creator so layer names in files are mostly english but some are in polish … :frowning:


GIMP files will be great. I will wait for the moment when you are ready to release alpha version. But please, do not leave the project without releasing Gimp files.


First no worries if I am going to ever abandon this project (which is not likely) I’ll be sure to post my xcfs, even if those are not tidied up. I’m working on this project from 2012. So it’s about 3,5 years already I really don’t want that time to be wasted and would like to have a stable release one day :slight_smile: … Ah it is so far in the future though.

Secondly if you actually want to play with inserting this into game as it is from xcfs, then I think it could be beneficial to me, because this is still a lot of work … and less work for me for the future so I can spend more time on other stuff, like the rest of the graphics for example :slight_smile:

I took a peek at how towns and resolution files are organised Vcmi I noticed many things are dependant on screen positions in px. If there is much of those in the actual game code then support for higher resolutions might be very hard to get with Vcmi. So I may have to go with SD 800x600 . :frowning: . I also unfortunately noticed that h3 Towns seem to be mostly hard coded :frowning: It may be hard to replace them in game with my towns , right now. Also mage guild seems to be a must have building in Town. I planned to have towns without it and towns that do not have level 1 and start with level 2 and up, but no big problem here I’ll just change the game concept a bit :slight_smile: . Luckily creature upgrades are not obligatory only some of my creatures will be upgradable (like in h2) so it is very nice that engine allows it.

Well if you are going to play with inserting this into game you could separate a SD 800x600 version and a second one in actuall size x2 1600x1200. x2 for the uncertain future :). If you do not want to do it then it’s also ok I guess with source files it wouldn’t be that hard to get it working one day if vcmi gets the support.

So I guess after I’m done with interface (which should be 2-4 weeks) I can tidy up the files and license file and upload a zip with it. I’ll be also sure to add your name in credits for help with getting those into the game if you can manage to do it :slight_smile:

As for this week update : Tavern, Thieves Guild, After battle window, Altar of Sacrifice


Hello after a long brake :slight_smile:

Kingdom overview window :

Level up window :

General bonus window for heroes … Here with +3 morale and -3 luck bonus.

Hopefully I can get back with nice pace and finish up all interface by the end of the month. That is if my free time allows it :slight_smile:


Refreshing standard h3 graphic is always paying my attention! But one more issue: dices are not fantasy thing and suit here rather bad…


Hmm … I know luck in h3 was not the most popular skill to take however :

This is expert luck icon … and there were also dices in random town selection :slight_smile:

However both more and luck icons may change …


Dice is a fantasy thing, if fantasy is based on history somewhat, that is. The modern style of dice is actually unaltered from ones used by the Akkadians, one of the oldest civilizations in known history. The same style of dice have been used by cultures ranging from europe to southmost asia so yeah, dice do work in the setting.


Yes exactly … I also think that dice go well with fantasy. Heroes is not the only fantasy game that had dice. However if that isn’t a good point then I’ll just remind you that this game will be a bit steampunkish :wink: Anyway the dice may go away once I’m on spells and animations … and that is very far in the future.

Options window and battle options window :


Work continues after few months break. I have a better name then “project legends” for the game but for now will keep it secret so the logo was “distorted” on purpose

Since it is that time of year I would like to wish Merry Christmas and a happy new year to VCMI members, all the modders and other people that hang out around this forum :slight_smile:


While I still work on interface (and it kind of tires me) for a change I started to think about 6 town/race… Quite crazy considering how much is left to do and that current factions need polishing.

My first try at texturing btw as those Orcs models were originally human units. Texturing is fun :slight_smile:


Curiosity’s growing!


Thank you :slight_smile:

What is this ? A spellbook !


Battlefields :stuck_out_tongue: